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To Sam_Hamwich

4thApr 11, 2019 by LittleMix
Dear Evan,

You made a big fucking mistake. You’ve been riding high these last few months, but soon it’s all gonna crash. And I barely even have to lift a finger.

First, you fucking set me up to allow you to steal my boyfriend from underneath me. You talked to him for months behind my back. You are fucking vile.

Then, you lied to me about the relationship. Another mistake. Bitch, you know I’m not stupid so stop acting like I am. I found out anyway. Guess that wasn’t part of your plan, was it? How long did you think you could go on?

Well bitch, too bad your boyfriend is back in contact with me. I bet you didn’t know that. Oh, I bet you didn’t know I plan on telling him the truth. Do you remember the three other guys you were messing with when y’all got together? Oh, right, you probably do! Too bad he doesn’t know about them!

Also, I hope you realize that everyone who has asked me what happened between us has told me that you gave them a very different story. And mine makes a lot more sense. Too bad I’m telling the truth, and you have to lie to make yourself look better.

Bitch, I’m you but better. I’m everything you ever wanted to be. You envied me our entire friendship, is that why you wanted to take me down? Well, I hope you realize you’re getting the same letter in the mail as I am. And that was due to your own stupidity. The thing is, I can get out of mine, you can’t get out of yours.

Because once I explained that you were threatening me, I seemed to have a very different response before they knew that. You’re just a little baby alcoholic who drinks in class. You were caught red handed, there’s no moral judgement for that, bitch.

You wanted to take me down so you could take everything from me. You tried to steal my best friend. Too bad he fucking hates you for what you did to him. You tried to turn all my friends against me. Too bad they only liked you because you were friends with me.

The moral of the story is, if you had never done any of that shit you’d be ridin high with me out here. I hope you realize that life has gotten much better since you’ve been out of it, and you’d probably enjoy living it with me. Too bad it was more important to try and take me down.

Now it’s your turn to go down. This time, it’s just, it’s right. You’re the one who started this shit so it’s time for you to pay the price. All it takes is one text message to your boyfriend and he will find it all out.

Whenever you’re not around, who does he call? Oh yeah, me bitch. Whenever you’re not around, who does he spend his time talking to? Me again bitch. Who doesn’t know about this. Your dumb ass.

I am going to take you down in the absolute most legal way possible. Because if anyone is doing anything illegal, it’s you. No one can stop you? Oh, well guess what. I can.

You should’ve never fucked with me. Because now, no one is going to fuck with you.

Maybe the little green eyed monster should’ve stayed quiet. You were jealous for a reason, and it’s because I have the power to take you down.

xoxo, The One To Fear


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