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ANTM Cycle 4 REWATCH Thoughts:

Apr 7, 2019 by LittleMix

14th: Sarah - I literally don't remember who this is

13th: Brita - She was first boot, I liked her look a lot. She was really bad tho

12th: Brandy - This girl was really unnecessarily rude to like, everyone. She just had a bad attitude and it's really a shame because she is such a good model. I loved all of her pictures.

11th: Noelle - Pretty girl, talked about her son a lot, nothing else to say.

10th: Keenyah - I never really had an opinion on her til I rewatched, and man she was a bitch. There was really nothing likable about this girl, and honestly IDK how she made top 3. But ok

9th: Lluvy - She was really really bad as a model. Her personality never really shined. She was just meh throughout. She has one of the worst pics in top model history tho, so like good for her?

8th: Rebecca - Honestly idk why she got eliminated when she did lol, she had like 1-2 bad pics and all the other ones the judges actually liked so it was random that they just decided she was way too safe and eliminated her. That aside, she was a sweet girl, I loved her facial structure. I think she was great on the runway and honestly she should have made it farther.

7th: Tatiana - She is one of the prettiest top model girls to me but she's so boring lol. No real personality, no real potential, just meh. She shouldn't have made it this far.

6th: Christina - She's literally this high because she was so nice to Kahlen after she found out her friend died. Her last few episodes you actually got to see a bit of any type of personality come out of this girl.

5th: Naima - She is literally one of the most boring people to ever be on top model. Like jesus she has little to no personality. Great model. Boring girl.

4th: Michelle - Honestly I'm shocked she's this high lol. She really was a great character on the show though, Bisexual woman comes out and has a moment with 3 other girls about it. She really transformed through the show until she got cut. I really liked her.

3rd: Brittany - She is the LOUDEST person to be on top model. Her personality shines above everyone else. I loved it. She was a mediocre model but her personality really was her best feature. She literally is Janice's daughter tho.

2nd: Tiffany - I loved Tiffany from episode 1. She was always #1 on my ranking until the episode she got cut. She gave up on herself and the competition. I don't think she would have won, but she would have had an amazing chance to make it far. I love her personality, she's funny, relatable, warm. She was trying to make Brandy into a better version of herself. She really was just great in this cycle.

1st: Kahlen - Kahlen will always be one of my favorite girls ever. It sucks she never really went out and did modeling after the show because she would have been so good. Her pictures were always great, she was this shy girl who never watched Top Model and became a star. Her personality was decent, she was funny. She was herself and I just loved everything about her.

Other Shit:
Who won?: Naima
Who should have won?: Kahlen (Naima 2nd)

Overall Thoughts:
Okay season, not the greatest. Big personalities in this season, decent modeling. Overall it was okay!

Season Ranking: 7/10



Kahlen was robbed! However, I did like Naima. She was super humble which probably accredited to her being more of a quiet contestant. Christina’s eyes bugged the heck out of me, too big! Remember when Rebecca fainted & some of the girls gave her grief about “not eating”!
Sent by jussy007,Apr 8, 2019
rebecca robbed, tiffany robbed

michelle didnt get a skin infection for this bs!
Sent by Lalisa,Apr 8, 2019

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