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ANTM Cycle 3 REWATCH Thoughts:

Apr 1, 2019 by LittleMix
Girl Rankings:

14th: Kelle - This girl is just straight up fucking annoying. She's this prissy stuck up bitch and I just could not deal. She was TERRIBLE in EVERY SINGLE picture she took, I don't even know why she made it as far as she did. Just worthless as a model.

13th: Ann - I really do not like this girl. Her voice is annoying, her personality is trash, she was Eva's lap dog for majority of the show, and then all the sudden bitch FLIPS OUT because Eva says one thing?? No she's so two faced I can not. Also she is the WORST contestant to ever make top 4 in Top Model history. There was Z E R O reason this bitch should have been top 4.

12th: Kristi - She really has no personality but with the rest of the girls that have no personality she's last cause she's Republican. Next.

11th: Leah - No personality. She had a good look and I would have been interested to see what she could bring but she was second boot so whatever.

10th: Magdelena - No personality. She wasn't a real pretty girl and she didn't even get a chance to get critiqued cause she got sent home right after the first photoshoot. lol

9th: Julie - She got eliminated 3rd because she said she didn't wanna be a model. idk why she wasted everyones time but whatever. She was a funny girl tho. Nothing else really to say.

8th: Cassie - This bitch needs help with her eating disorder. She was such a bitch when Tyra offered to get her help and she was just like "lol i dont wanna stop" then walked away. Like bitch?? She also said in like 5 episodes in a row that she wanted to go home. i was glad when she finally did. I do like that Cassie at least had a sense of humor. She was a funny girl.

7th: Nicole - Nicole made it decently far, she had pretty pictures. But she is the definition of no personality. The only reason she made it here was because of how far she made in the show without me hating her.

6th: Jennipher - She is the longest lasting early boot on this list! The only reason is that she pushed Ann and I hate that bitch so good for her!

5th: Norelle - She was kinda meh the entire time. Meh in pictures, meh in personality. She was the WORST at walking tho. Her obsession with Paris Hilton was funny tho. And how lost she was while in Japan was really funny. I wish she knew how to model tho cause I liked her look.

4th: Amanda - Amanda to me is one of the prettiest girls to be on top model, but only because of her eyes. I really like her hippie dippy personality but she was really kinda boring majority of the show. She made top 4 because of her eyes really lol

3rd: Yaya - Yaya is the most underrated diva bitch. She really was disrespectful in a lot of ways towards the end of the show. She had a big arrogance about her. But I LOVE Yaya. She is very successful now. She was funny, she was relatable, she was so true to herself. I genuinely enjoyed watching her throughout the entire show.

2nd: Eva - I'm honestly shocked I'm putting her 2nd because I used to hate her. Rewatching this show really put a new light on her. She was fucking HILARIOUS. She wasn't even really a bitch? Like I feel like Yaya was more of a bitch than Eva was. She was a great model, love her personality and she's truly a great winner.

1st: Tocarra - This bitch has the best personality by MILES. She's so fucking funny. She's such a good "mother" type. And when she broke down in front of Tyra I did too cause she made me have the FEELS. Her being eliminated was one of the worst mistakes in top model history and that's just a fact sisters.

Other Shit:
Who won?: Eva
Who should have won?: Eva

Overall Thoughts:
This cast was BORING AS FUCK aside from Tocarra, Eva and Yaya. The models in this season SUCKED aside from Amanda, Eva and Yaya.

Season Ranking: 6/10 and this is being GENEROUS



Tocarra gave this literally 5/6 points
Sent by LittleMix,Apr 1, 2019
MOMMY TOCARRA!! the only good one the whole season
Sent by RoseMaria,Apr 1, 2019
Yeah i couldnt finish this season cause i got super bored
Sent by NewNightmare7,Apr 1, 2019
incheresting @ the bottom 2
Sent by splozojames50,Apr 1, 2019
I liked season 3
Sent by RightToCensor,Apr 1, 2019
Ann is literally one of the best contestants ever entertainment wise. Also cycle 3 was amazing... ur rankings rlly been flopping
Sent by MichelleObama,Apr 1, 2019
Tocarra & Yaya were my two faves from this season!
Sent by jussy007,Apr 2, 2019

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