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ANTM Cycle 2 REWATCH Thoughts:

Mar 28, 2019 by LittleMix
Ranking of Girls:

12th: Camille - This girl was so into herself and such a bitch. She was not a good model. She was not a good spokesperson. She was a waste of a spot on All Stars. She is one of my all time least favorite contestants in Top Model herstory.

11th: Anna - She was the first boot because she didn't wanna pose nude because she didn't want anyone else but her husband to see. She was really boring. Not much to say.

10th: Catie - She was the biggest fucking crybaby about EVERYTHING. I thought this girl was so fucking immature. She could have real potential as a model but damn she so annoying.

9th: Heather - She was really boring. There isn't much that truly caught my eye with her. She was meh.

8th: Bethany - I actually liked this girl. I liked her spunk. I liked her big ass tits and that's really the reason she was kicked off. Cause she had big tits. She was 2nd boot so I wouldn't feel right putting her any higher than this.

7th: Sara - There isn't much about Sara that's really exciting to me. She's very one note. I think her story line was ok I guess? Idk she was just bleh.

6th: Jenascia - I actually thought she was gorgeous. She gave up on the episode where she was eliminated. I loved her attitude. She was funny and likable.

5th: Xiomara - Her friendship with Shandi was cute. Her not wanting to be Grace Jones was a little annoying. I didn't mind her though. I thought that she could be a really good model but she kinda sucked. I thought she was nice and she was funny. Good confessionals.

4th: Yoanna - You know I used to not like Yoanna, I didn't like her personality, I didn't like her pictures. But rewatching this season I liked her a lot. She was nice, her drama with Camille was good, and she was on the right side every time. Her pictures were good.

3rd: Shandi - Shandi is a BEAUTIFUL girl once they finally transformed her. She was absolutely gorgeous. I love how she turned fro this geeky girl to this goddess. She never stopped being this shy girl, but her confidence grew by miles. She ended up cheating on her boyfriend but still wanted to stand by his side.

2nd: April - April is a fucking ROBOT and I loved it. She was perfect at everything. She was so good. Her personality was even on point, she was so sexy and beautiful. She was funny and she really wanted to win.

1st: Mercedes - This bitch is my favorite every single time I watch this season. She's funny as hell, she's so pretty, she has an attitude. I love everything about her. Her pictures were always good. Her runway was always good. Her style was always good. Her confessionals were always good. I just love her. She's one of my top 5 contestants of all time.

Other Stuff:
Who won?: Yoanna
Who do I think should have won?: April (Yoanna 4th, Shandi 3rd, Mercedes 2nd)



Sent by RoseMaria,Mar 28, 2019
sign up for a gift chance mama
Sent by mahogany,Mar 28, 2019
I loved the moment where janice is asking who the girls dont get along with and Yoanna said camille cause shes a witch

But yes Mercedes is queen
Sent by NewNightmare7,Mar 28, 2019
I NEED to rewatch this season of my faves for sure!
Sent by jussy007,Mar 28, 2019

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