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Nominated for 14th!!

16thFeb 11, 2019 by LittleMix
I came into this game literally just trying to play for fun and here I am nominated for 14th!

I have been countered all 3 DCs because I am playing hard like I always do. They are scared of me y'all and I am doing my best to stay off the block. I got Capguy1 out for 16th within an hour the entire cast was locking him in. I pulled that all together.

I am making moves where I can and I would appreciate if you all could save me.

Please vote to evict Yoshi here <3


u rlly think getting CAPGUY out for 16th is an accomplishment? LOL
Sent by coreyants,Feb 11, 2019
coreyants i think getting all 14 people to lock him in is! i also got him nommed for 16th in our last stars i just think its funny and it makes him triggered so I @d him
Sent by LittleMix,Feb 11, 2019
Happily Evicted : )
Sent by Avalon,Feb 11, 2019
You should be focusing on going to f3 and not me
Sent by capguy1,Feb 11, 2019

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