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all T no shade

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Stars ticket Nov 6, 2023
Ticket added. Winner will be announced 1 day before Stars!

It’s almost like “Mission: IMPOSSIBLE” lmao how algorithm sweeps players for this?! like ???? 🤔🧐
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Happy bday to me 🥳 Oct 13, 2023
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twin’s Oct 3, 2023
ricardogv 💕
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Congrats “my fame is born from your envy” Oct 2, 2023
You received from tg’s what you desperately wanted! Enjoy your five minutes of fame darling cuz you’re being canceled mwah
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Can we Oct 2, 2023
please send to a psychiatrist hospital those people that never stop to harassing emails of every single people living in here?

This is a sign that they need desperately for attention and no one here has any kind of responsibility or obligation to keep giving the attention you beg people to give you so please just stop, it’s so ridiculous… you’re showing a rest of the ugliest personality you have.

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I’m thinking that Sep 25, 2023
Maybe I did start to feeling scared to bet on those next’s charity’s or can I waste my t$ hoping for the owners to play well and guests don’t crash the game?
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