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Nommed almost every day in my fasting XD

May 10, 2011 by LillyXoXo
They just love to keep me hanging...
Day1 awkwardoz has the VETO
Day1 Nominees are sophi and LillyXoXo
Day1 Participants evicted sophi
Day2 Soph has the VETO
Day2 Nominees are playa and LillyXoXo
Day2 Participants evicted playa
Day3 joe1110 has the VETO
Day3 Nominees are javival and LillyXoXo
Day3 Participants evicted javival
Day4 Buck__Wild has the VETO
Day4 Nominees are JROCK and LillyXoXo
Day4 Participants evicted JROCK
Day5 Caracteres has the VETO
Day5 Nominees are LillyXoXo and flash103
Day5 Participants evicted flash103
Day6 Buck__Wild has the VETO
Day6 Nominees are Caracteres and M622
Day6 Participants evicted Caracteres
Day7 M622 has the VETO
Day7 Nominees are Ronnie_StPierre and LillyXoXo
Day7 Participants evicted Ronnie_StPierre
Day8 awkwardoz has the VETO
Day8 Nominees are LillyXoXo and M622
Day8 Participants evicted M622
Day9 olivergustavo282 has the VETO
Day9 Nominees are Soph and thiagobona
Day9 Participants evicted Soph
Day10 thiagobona has the VETO
Day10 Nominees are LillyXoXo and olivergustavo282
Day10 Participants evicted olivergustavo282
Day11 Buck__Wild has the VETO
Day11 Nominees are thiagobona and awkwardoz
Day11 Participants evicted awkwardoz
Day12 joe1110 has the VETO
Day12 Nominees are LillyXoXo and thiagobona
Day12 Participants evicted thiagobona

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