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Libanz Drag Race S1 EP9 - Here Comes The Bride

Sep 2, 2017 by Libanz00
1. Laura La Flor TheOmen
2. Ohma Gawd XoXU
3. So Stoned Emmett4
4. Dame Gigi Stone g1ng4
5. Debra From Accounting ILOVETHEBUCCANEERS
6. Jenny Saisquoi JonMcGillis

7th - Statue of Bitchety MIchelle990
8th - Old Lady Huggins FlaggedALot
9th -  Donna Le Donna ForYouSelena
10th - Ginger Snap Insanity17
11th - Cherry Tits VanessaFeltz
12th - Cailey the Beautifyl CalebDaBoss
13th - BIndSunDoll4MJ NooNoo
14th - Little Miss Iona Allan IONA0
*Flashback plays*
*The queens walk into the workroom after Statue's elimination*

DEBRA: Phew, that was a close one.
[LIPSTICK MESSAGE]: Bitches, I love all of y'all and may the best queen win! P.S. rooting for Jenny to win!
JENNY: Awe I have a fan.
DEBRA: Don't flatter yourself aha.
LAURA: Final 6 ladies! We have made it so far!
STONED: I know, we all deserve a spot here. Except for me aha, I'm the only one to not win a challenge yet.
LAURA: Yeah but you have been in the top a lot of times, I'm sure you will get a win soon.
STONED: I hope so.
LAURA: I'm so happy I haven't landed in the bottom 3 since I last lip synced in the talk show challenge.
OHMA: Yeah, you have really grown in this competition. It's good to see improvement.
LAURA: If you told me I would of made top 6 back in week 2/3, I would of slapped you and called you crazy so I am actually honoured to be here.

*Theme song hits*

STONED: All the queens are stood there like 'I have my win!' and 'Well I have two wins'. I am kind of jealous. I seriously need to win this next challenge or what even is the point of me being here.
DEBRA: If I am in that bottom 2 again, I am gonna slit my wrists. I will be so annoyed, I need to bring it back and win the next challenge. No excuses.

{Oooo girl, you got She-Mail}
LIBANZ: Hello my dolls, tying the knot and devoting yourself to someone is part of almost everyone's lives and being the bride can be a stressful time but is it worth it in the end?

LIBANZ: Hello hello!
LIBANZ: So for this week's challenge, you are all invited to your own WEDDING. You must design a wedding dress, we have given you the dress base to start you off and you must add patterns, designs, ruffles, anything you want. You will walk down the runway in your dress. There will be no runway theme this week since the challenge is the runway. Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win!

STATUE: Were any of the queens in the race married?
STONED: I know that Huggins was married.
STATUE: I mean that old bitch, of course she was.
STONED: Rude much...
STATUE: I'm only joking hun.

LAURA: So guys, what is your dream wedding?
OHMA: Well for me, I just want a traditional wedding in a castle or somewhere posh. I don't really want anything over the top.
LAURA: I'm the complete opposite. I want my wedding to be on the beach in Los Angeles. I want to parachute down to the beach in my suit and then get married when I land.
JENNY: Of course you do, you've always been extra...
LAURA: JENNY I SWEAR TO GOD! You have been making sly digs at me throughout this entire competition. Just shut the fuck up already you stupid bitch.
JENNY: Literally, you never fight back do you? All you do is tell me to shut up and go away. You're argumentative.
LAURA: Hun because I don't take interests in little spoilt BRATS like you that always like everything to go their way.
JENNY: Wow that's so low. You love going there don't you.
LAURA: Well maybe you'll stop fucking being a cunt to me now.
JENNY: Never baby.
LAURA: Fuck off.

DEBRA: Who do y'all predict will go next. Let's get some shade out into the sunshine.
STONED: Personally, I think myself only because I haven't won a challenge yet.
LAURA: I would say Dame because it's taken her a long time to come out of her shell in this competition. You've been declared safe a lot of times.
JENNY: My petty side would say Laura but my truthful side would say Stoned because I think you are the least polished out of all of us.
DEBRA: I would also say Stoned for them same reasons.
STONED: Wow the shade of it all.
OHMA: I actually think Debra. She lip synced last week and it looked like it kind of defeated her in the hotel room that night. I think you are starting to lose confidence.
DEBRA: Fair enough.
DAME: I think that Ohma actually could be the next one to go. Even though she has won 2 challenges, in the past 3-4 challenges she has definitely been flat lining and I haven't really seen much progress from you.
OHMA: I must disagree because I'm the only queen left that hasn't lip synced.
DAME: Bitch neither have I... *Crickets*
*Libanz walks out*
*Cover girl plays*

LIBANZ: Hello and welcome to the runway. Our main judges are here once again, Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley! Now it's time to meet the extra special guest judges. We have Sharon Osbourne and Drag Race Favourite Latoya Jackson with us tonight! Welcome to the panel ladies.
SHARON: It's a pleasure to be here.
LATOYA: Happy to be a part of this wonderful show.

LIBANZ: For this week's challenge, the girls were challenged to create and design a wedding dress that they would wear on their dream wedding day. There is no runway theme since the challenge is the runway. Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win!

*No top toot or boot since the runway is the challenge*
LIBANZ: Ladies, you have made it so far into the competition and we are down to the last few queens and for that reason, none of you will be declared safe anymore. You are either in the TOP or in the BOTTOM. Now it's time for your critiques.

Dame Gigi Stone: Girl, I am so impressed with you once again! This dress is beautiful. I like the patterns you have put on it and it is the perfect length, it's not too short and it's not dragging along the floor. Good job!

Debra From Accounting: I do get where you are coming from with this dress but for me it's too short. It kind of looks like a cocktail party outfit. It is a good outfit but I wouldn't see it in a wedding that's for sure.

Ohma Gawd: I think this outfit has potential in it if only you added more onto it. For me it's a little bit basic. You had 2 days and I just feel like you could of done so much more with this. It'd be a good outfit if you only have a few hours to do it.

So Stoned: I actually really enjoy looking at this dress. I think it's very classy and actually it kind of matches something that I would wear on my wedding day. Good job!

Jenny Saisqoui: I do think this outfit is good, but compared to some of the other ones here, it doesn't really stand out. You kind of fade into the background. You weren't the worst but you definitely weren't the best either.

Laura La Flor: Girl, this dress is BEAUTIFUL! Everything in this outfit works for me, the pattern design, the ruffles, the cut at the bottom and the veil is amazing! Amazing job from you!
LIBANZ: Ladies, I have made some decisions.
Dame Gigi Stone...
Laura La Flor....
So Stoned... you are the top 3 this week. But one of your dresses really stood out from the crowd.
Laura La Flor... Congratulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge! So Stoned and Dame Gigi Stone, you are both safe. You may all leave the runway.
Ohma Gawd,your outfit didn't meet expectations.. I'm sorry my dear but you are up for elimination.
Debra From Accounting, you're outfit didn't have enough wedding in it.
Jenny Saisquoi, your dress failed to stand out from the bunch.
Debra From Accounting... I'm sorry my dear but you are up for elimination.
Jenny Saisquoi... you are safe. You may join the other girls.

LIBANZ: Two queens stand before me. Ladies this is your last chance to impress me and save yourself FROM ELIMINATION! The time has come for YOU to LIP SYNC for you LIFE!
Ohma: Fuck me, I need to go guns blazing right now.
Debra: I can't believe I am here again, I just feel so defeated.
LIBANZ: Good luck, and DON'T Fuck. It. Up.

Bottom 2: Debra From Accounting & Ohma Gawd.
Lip Sync Song: 'Groove Is In The Heart' by Deee-Lite

LIBANZ: Ladies, I have made my decision. Ohma Gawd, Shontae you stay! You may join the other girls. Debra From Accounting, you have been in star in this race and for a while I thought you had the stuff to go all the way. Now, sashay away!

Debra From Accounting: I don't know what happened to me, I was doing so good to begin with and in the last 2 challenges I just massively flopped. I guess I deserve it.

LIBANZ: My gorgeous final 5! Ladies, If you can't love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love someone else? Can I get an amen? AMEN! Now let the music play!
-------------------------------------END OF EPISODE--------------------------------------------------
Who is your winner pick out of the final 5?
Who do you think is going home next?


Me being the darkhorse underdog of the season
Sent by Emmett4,Sep 2, 2017
Sent by XoXU,Sep 3, 2017
Me at being the only one not to lipsync yet!
Sent by g1ng4,Sep 4, 2017

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