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Yes, Tommy and Christie

14thAug 31, 2019 by Lemjam6
had an advantage coming into the game, but the fact that they have kept their secret under wraps is extremely impressive. Nothing ever remains a secret in Big Brother. There was even a heckler that Cliff heard say Tommy/Christie know each other and STILL they managed to keep it a secret.

Holly and Kat had an advantage, as well, yes they are not as close as Tommy/Christie are in real life, but having any connection is an advantage. But Holly is a weak woman and unsurprisingly got manipulated by a man and told Michie she knew Kat and it was exposed to the entire house.

In Big Brother 6, all duos were under the impression they were the only duo, but they all talked and leaked their duos, and everyone ended up realizing everyone had a duo.

Tommy and Christie easily could have made a mistake and leaked that they knew each other, but they have kept it a secret for this long and I think that is extremely impressive. Dumb bitch Holly Allen couldn't keep her mouth shut.


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I think they鈥檙e a little overrated
Well not Christie but tommy

Everyone just likes him that鈥檚 why he really hasn鈥檛 been in any line of danger
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my inspiration christie murphy
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a yikes..
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