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Is giving Credit to someone

Mar 8, 2018 by Lazeric
That serious not trying to be rude like I鈥檓 not about to search for a name to go with a Design


Then don't post it, and make T$ off of it, if you don't care about who bothered to put the work into it. So inconsiderate.
Sent by _Aria,Mar 8, 2018
That鈥檚 not the fact all I鈥檓 saying is if you are a designer you should at least have the design set on your page and if it鈥檚 yours we can easily put your name or ask you for permission! Everyone just doesn鈥檛 sit there _Aria
Sent by Lazeric,Mar 8, 2018
Lazeric So, we need to organize and tabulate our designs so YOU can have the pleasure of stealing them? What a thoughtful and considerate solution to a problem <3
Sent by ElectraViv,Mar 8, 2018
No just have them all in a picture or just a screenshot so we know there yours and we can ask or give you credit ElectraViv
Sent by Lazeric,Mar 8, 2018
Lazeric Designers don't work at the expense of the community, you entitled twat. They do what they want for their own recreation.
Sent by _Aria,Mar 8, 2018

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