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Friend Appreciate Post!

Jan 2, 2018 by Lazeric
image Bambino ~ Hey my favorite! You say I seem “Nonchalant” about every thing so I just feel the need to express myself! I’m really glad to have met you from this site! You’re the most hilarious, selfless, and caring person I know you always love to have fun! I  get you and you get me .. I love all the moments we share throughout or lives on and off Tengaged ... I love how you are always try to hold us together even when we can’t you’re the best and I thought that you should know that! Love that you’re the type of friend that “Ask did you get home safe?”

Eric_136 ~ Hey there bro! The one who shares half of my name but ya know mines is better :) .. You have a personality like no other! You have the biggest heart that a person could what in a person ever! You always tell the truth even if thats not what we would like to hear! You’re very funny and always can get a laugh out of us when I’m down or don’t feel like being nice .. Keep being you bro because honestly you’re a great person on the inside and the out and always have the best interest for all of your friends rather we see I‎t or not in the long run or just listen when you tell us .. Don’t let anyone change you from being you stay you!!!

Finn315 ~ The Wild Child!!! We bump heads everyday lmaoo but you are honestly a great friend .. you are such a hands on friend that really cares about the people you hang out with! I can always get a great laugh from you! You’re not afraid to be yourself around your friends you definitely live life to the fullest and it’s just great to talk and laugh with you All everyday! Honestly you’re the most  energetic, fantastic, friend that I enjoy to have ... we always have arguments by they always bring us closer together and that’s the true meaning of friendship!! :)
I Love You all and wouldn’t trade my time here with you for anything meeting y’all has been a pleasure! There is never a dull moment with you all and nobody gets us like we get us! Hope this puts a smile on your face and brings positive vibes your way from the one and only
- LazP


Sent by baileyboy1,Jan 2, 2018
honestly u and finn r the best couple ever
Sent by karim,Jan 2, 2018
We are not a couple :/ Karim
Sent by Lazeric,Jan 2, 2018
Sent by LuckyLefty,Jan 2, 2018
omggggg!!!! Lazeric you are the best!! <333
Sent by finn3155,Jan 2, 2018
I love you Laz P!!!
Sent by Bambino,Jan 2, 2018
almost cried damn ty lazp bro :)
Sent by eric_136,Jan 2, 2018

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