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BA test kitchen staff ranking - revised

Oct 17, 2020 by Lachie227
imagine smashing away an entire brand bc u wanna be racist

well thought i should probably revise my rankings after all the bullshit that has come our of conde nast entertainment and bon appetit. i will only be making this blog

original list:
rick - 15
adam - 14
priya - 13
andy - 12
amiel - 11
rhoda - 10
chris - 9
gaby - 8
molly - 7
christina - 6
alex - 5
sohla - 4
carla - 3
brad - 2
claire - 1

revised ranking:
15 - adam: piece of shit. treated his black assitants like the help. was the key enforcer of institutional racism in the magazine and also with the help off matt duckor in cne. can literally eat shit

14 - chris: he really thought he could come out of this unscathed by staying super silent throughout all this ordeal? nope he can get fucked. where is the support for your colleagues of colour chris? also a huge proponent for the toxic work environment at BA. literally told sohla to her face that he didnt like ow fast she moved up ladder at BA and was gonna hire a black recipe taster under her that would have no opportunity to climb the ranks.

13 - andy: decided to stay on batk despite being a person of colour himself. didnt uplift or help the voice of other people of colour who were disadvantaged despite admitting HIMSELF he didnt get a cne contract for over a year after he started doing videos for batk. also was a part of the process to hire new people of colour to be apart of the new videos despite knowing they'd get paid less. yeah the decision to stay on tho is super gross fuck off

12 - brad: to quote sohla herself: "brad literally found out racism exists this year". yeah just really unimpressed how hes managed this entire ordeal. barely spoke up about in the injustices at BA. his decision to stay also really irks me. with the platform he had he really couldve gone anywhere and chose to stay. would be higher if it werent for this fact.

11 - alex: he seemed to be the person who advantaged the most from the institutional racism in the food media. hired for a position he wasnt qualified for. given passes for things that people of colour were condemned for doing. given opportunities cause he was friends with adam rapoport to which, again, he was never qualified for. there opportunities were also never offered to his colleagues of colour

10 - rhoda - idk rhoda is kinda irrelevant in all this because she not /really/ a batk cast member. but she showed some (very little) support for her colleagues in the months proceeding. but she works for the evil that is cne and she didnt leave. altho she does have a family and we're in a pandemic and she doesnt have the platform and capital to really leave with no hiderence to herself so i dont blame her that much. but also she should've pushed harder for equitable pay if she worked for cne lol

9 - carla: we've kinda gotten rid of all the awful people so we're just with varying shades of good people now. carla is the epitome of a mixed bag tho. it came out how she was a big perpetrator of the racism that was rife within BA and some of the emails she sent to people of colour within the magazine definitely scream casual racism i.e telling off junior associates for being in the test kitchen unwarranted but allowing alex still into the kitchen unscathed. where was her support for the junior editors of colour she told off? however carla has come out telling her side of the story and she has fully admitted her shortcomings. she did admit that her tenure at BA was so focused on pushing forward feminist ideals and pushing forward women she forgot about racism, which isnt really an excuse but lol at least she's admitting her faults. but i do give her some props for leaving BA video because i really didnt expect her to. i still really like carla as a person tho shes funny

8 - rick - not gonna lie i still dont really care about rick in a sense but really admire him for telling BA to fuck off when they refused to give equitable pay

7 - priya: same as rick, i dont rally care about priya all that much but good on her for telling BA to fuck off. but she seems like a super cool person

6 - amiel: he doesnt deserve more credit than priya and rick for standing up and refusing to be apart of BA video after this entire situation, hes just higher because i like amiel better

5 - christina: we havent heard much from christina but i hope shes doing well because she seemed like the coolest person ever. not sure if shes left the magazine or not, but if she chose to stay i hope it was what was best for her

4 - gaby: still a literal angel on earth i just think she's the sweetest. i know she still works for BA as the test kitchen manager but good on her for leaving video and telling them to fuck off. i just think she might be the nicest person ever and i hope she has a great life

3 - molly: molly has been more or less the picture perfect sense of what an ally should do through this entire situation. she doesnt deserve more credit than her coloured colleagues, but fuck me i have to give her some props for being the first white batk star to 1) call for a boycott for appearing in videos when it first blew up in may and 2) be the also the first white star to leave BA video in solidarity with her people of colour co stars. that does take some real bravery despite it being 100% right thing to do. she has now also left the BA magazine and i hope she has some great endeavours ahead

2 - claire: im currently on day 100 of covid lockdown where i am and all ive wanted to do is go through and watch gourmet makes again i just really love this women and her creations. she woudl've probably plunged a couple of spots had she not also left BA in solidarity with her POC coworkers. but i think she's just really great, and for her to walk away from what would've been thousands of dollars and a stable job for her would've taken some real bravery and i cant wait for her cookbook to be an absolute sellout and hopefully we'll get to see her in some video capacity in the future. please pick her up babish

1 - sohla: the woman, the myth, the legend. this single woman really bought an absolute giant in food media to its fucking knees. what absolute stunner. one of the most amazing people ever. the way she forced adam rapoport to resign on zoom calls. called out BA and its bullshit in the media constantly. refusing to adhere to their fucked up system. really a beacon of light within the food media industry. i genuinely sohla will become an absolute legend in terms of the food media industry for having the courage and bravery to call out the constant racism and institutional discrimination perpetrated by these media companies. she really should be proud of herself, i hope she's doing amazing. also everyone should switch over to the babish culinary universe and go watch stump sohla and support her cause to go out on her own.

ok thats it. fuck bon appetit, fuck conda nest entertainment. remember to unsubscribe to their youtube chanell and dont support any of their renewed efforts to exploit people of colour and act like nothing happened.



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sohla hive stays winning
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i told you sohla shouldve been #1 from the START
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sohla tingz muahahaha
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