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Jul 27, 2012 by LaQuawnda
imageJason may be a lot of things. Call him a blue block of wood, a genderfaker, a "prune" as Danger puts it, and there was a funny insult Alexx used to call him that I can't think of. Whatever.

But as someone who has known him for 2, going on 3, years, lemme tell you something about him.

He is funny. Don't take what he types so seriously. That's the problem with this site is that people never sit back and take a joke. Mahogany, like me, likes to point out the idiocy amongst the site and silly trends.

He is wise beyond his years. Whilst every other teen on this site is busy swapping embarassing shirtless pics with various usernames written on them that they are going to regret once they are in their 20s and job searching (not to mention  the cam sessions, which often are screencapped), Jason does not partake in that silly adolescent behavior. Talking with him, he had me fooled for years that he was 18 or whatever. Then he came out as way younger than that, but that didn't change the way I thought of him, other than I no longer pictured a blasian girl in my head. But he can seriously hold a conversation and is one of the few people I talk to on Skype and not get annoyed with.

He isn't fake. Tengagers tend to be fake, that way they can get their star votes, ugly pixel designs, etc. etc.. Jason mingled in that sort of attitude a while, but that just wasn't him. He isn't afraid to speak his mind, even if it pisses off the #1 in the HoF and his legion of fans. Might make it difficult for him to win a second stars, but at least he is genuine.

IDK where I am going with this and I keep typing but rah rah mahogany. Woo. I hope Mahogany's haters don't automatically hate me just cause they don't like him. If they are really that basic that they group friends together like that, than whatever, I don't care. We aren't the same person though, so recognize that before you neg this.

Here is a picture of Tiger Woods to supplement my blog.


people need to stop bandwagon hating on him, if they don't know him personally then they have no reason to dislike him
Sent by dmann,Jul 27, 2012
Sweet jesus I'm gonna tear up
Sent by mahogany,Jul 27, 2012
yeah. I mean, there are ppl the switchblades bitch about in the frat chat and I'm just like.. "...Okay..." and make my own judgements, because a lot of times, I disagree with them. So I would hope more people did the same, but sadly, it doesn't appaer that way.
Sent by LaQuawnda,Jul 27, 2012
Good point, nothing really should be taken seriously on this website and is. I don't really know Mahogany, but I understand what you mean. Have a nice day LaQuawnda :) and Loool Tiger Woods
Sent by AceSurvivor,Jul 27, 2012
this is nice :P

i don't rly have an opinion in the matter considering i like mahogany and jon both!
Sent by lemonface,Jul 27, 2012
as laquawnda uses correct grammar for the most part in this blog xx
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Jul 28, 2012

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