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1stMar 14, 2012 by LaFierceBrittany2


get her!
Sent by najoge,Mar 14, 2012
Manda17_xoxo look at that bitch scared for her mommy eating her chciken noodle soup
Sent by Ac1496,Mar 14, 2012
Sent by egaga911,Mar 14, 2012
careful though she might threaten to sue lmfao
Sent by najoge,Mar 14, 2012
Sent by teamjacz,Mar 14, 2012
Sent by LadyBlaq,Mar 14, 2012
Sent by taylor112399,Mar 14, 2012
LaFierceBrittany2 ; I'm not taking shit out on you so get your facts straight! It's not my fault if I still have some control even after being evicted!
Sent by Manda17_xoxo,Mar 14, 2012
Manda17_xoxo You're not in the game. No need to interfere anymore. Stop telling other what to do.
Sent by LaFierceBrittany2,Mar 14, 2012
I love you!
Sent by Insanity,Mar 14, 2012
she has a point. you're not in the game anymore so why should you even care what happens :S
Someone seems B-I-T-T-E-R
Sent by ILoveSleep,Mar 14, 2012
LaFierceBrittany2 It's not my fault that everyone tells me I should have stayed in the game & then asks me for help with noms!
Sent by Manda17_xoxo,Mar 14, 2012
i like manda and she seems cool, and this is a tough one for EVERYONE, but when ur out of the game u gutta just let it play out:(
Sent by owee13,Mar 14, 2012
i feel bad for evan right now..
and on a side note.. oyu to are both really great peopel i think you shoudl both give eachother another chance ya you both have strong personalitys  but give eachother another chance :P
Sent by sirbeastly,Mar 14, 2012
Manda17_xoxo Well then, Be the bigger person and say no.
Sent by LaFierceBrittany2,Mar 14, 2012
In my experience in stars..

when your out of the game, you should stay out of the game. It just makes you look like a bitter b*tch.

Sent by JordanLloydFan,Mar 15, 2012
lol you feel bad for me sirbeastly? It's ok I support one person here (y) I think it's stupid to talk about someone badly in a chat with many people in it, so I left it!
Sent by egaga911,Mar 15, 2012
It appears that "Manda" has gotten in your head more than you got in hers. She may have lost Stars, but you have lost the game of life.
Sent by Lockie,Mar 15, 2012
Sent by sarahnva,Mar 15, 2012
YAY I FINALLY GET TO PLUS THIS BLOG!!!!!! Lockie, that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard and is a potentianl indirect death threat. :)
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Mar 15, 2012
Sent by SuitMan13,Jun 10, 2018

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