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Now I’m Stepping In…

1stNov 21, 2022 by Kyanna9610
imageI want to give Harehere the benefit of the doubt. Losing someone is horrible. I would truly hope that someone wouldn’t make up that big of a lie for a game.

BUT for those of you that ARE NOT in the Stars game, and wondering why so many people think he is lying. Here is why:

Since this screenshot has came out, I have received messages saying that Hare has lied to people saying that I sent him the screenshot. I DID NOT.

Why have the balls to send that screenshot around and let people blog about it, but not have the balls to be honest about who originally sent it to you?

So idk how many people Hare has lied to, but here is my proof that I did not send that screenshot to Hare. I learned about the screenshot from him.


I am sorry for his loss, but lying on me for no reason is not acceptable.


he never told me who sent it to him
Sent by Druhhbby2,Nov 21, 2022
but anyway who the fuck cares who sent it to him
Sent by Druhhbby2,Nov 21, 2022
I do when it's being blamed on me! Druhhbby2
Sent by Kyanna9610,Nov 21, 2022
Queen I don’t think hare is the one who said that you leaked 💙
Sent by hwest14,Nov 21, 2022

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