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Jun 19, 2018 by Krisstea
33 people joined yesterday,,, blogging again to get a few more, last year I had 75

Are you ready for some Fantasy Big Brother??  The new players info was released today, read their bio and pick 3 players that you think will go furthest in the game. These players will be your team for the entire season.  Obviously if your player is safe so are you. You can earn extra points each week.... Even if players are picked you can also choose them, you are building your own team.

25 Points for HOH
10 Points for POV
5 Points if your player cries
5 Points if your players is in a fight / argument
5 Points if your player is shown in a showmance / adult activity
-5 For being on Slop

** Get a chance to earn extra points by answering questions in random blogs, everyone playing will be tagged **

++ LIVE FEEDS AND RECAPS DO NOT COUNT towards points, it is only what is shown live on each of the 3 shows each week.

If you make it to the end, a tie breaker will either be a winner or live trivia per the players left in the game. First Place winner wins 2 gifts, 2nd place winner receives 1 gifts. 

Grats to Benp428 for winning last year.  (75 players played last year)
Blog along with link shows how the game is tracked.

Pick your players :-)
Steve Arienta - Former undercover cop
Sam Bledsoe - Welder
Hayleigh Broucher - College Student
Kaycee Clark - Pro Football Player
Tyler Crispen - Lifeguard
Bayleigh Dayton - Flight Attendant
Faysal Shafaat - Substitute Teacher
Kaitlyn Herman - Life Coach
Rachel Swindler - Vegas Entertainer
Chris " SwaggyC" Williams - Day Trader
Winston Hines - Medical Sales Rep
Angie "Rockstar" Lantry - Stay at home Mom
JC Mondioux - Professional Dancer
Brett Robinson - Cyber Security Engineer
Angela Rummans - Fitness Model
Scottie Salton - Shopping Manager


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