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  1. Join Fantasy Big Brother - Season 20
  2. FANTASY BIG BROTHER - Season 20
  3. FANTASY BIG BROTHER - Season 20
  4. Yep its true!
  5. shops game is so sad now :-(
  6. Tag someone who might need one of these things?
  7. Auction Deals - ** NEW** designs
  8. *NEW* designs in Auctions, PM me for deals!
  9. *NEW* Designs in Auctions, CHEAP!
  10. NEW design in Auctions..
  11. Can I get 2 quick plusses please??
  12. Guess how many designs I have for a gift ..
  13. Shop owners -
  14. what a Juicy morning.. its gonna get good!!
  15. what is Red nose check day? idgi
  16. NEW Male Versace Medusa shirt.,, buy huns
  17. Can we have a normal Stars game?
  18. Best Avi
  19. If we are friends, comment and I will
  20. Need a blue level to tag if you havent yet,..
  21. OMG seriously?? who is purple level?
  22. Again Shop Thoughts,
  23. A few quick plusses breaks 700
  24. Can I please get some quick plusses??
  25. Shop Thoughts
  26. So Close, please plus to break 700
  27. one plus breaks 600, please and Thank you
  28. So close, please plus to break 600
  29. Please help me break 500
  30. Would REALLY appreciate plusses please
  31. Who's watching 2nd - 13 Reasons why today?
  32. Look how pretty my Dress is, Go Buy
  33. Stars Support
  34. Any shop requests??
  35. Almost 2 hours and hunger isnt filled??
  36. +1 breaks 700 Please and thank you!
  37. 2 plusses breaks 700
  38. Anyone watching the voice? who's your fav??
  39. Please help me break 600
  40. One plus breaks 500 Please and Thank you!

Shop owners -

Jun 8, 2018 by Krisstea
Yes some of you might have hacked accts to buy with but will run out of t's eventually, pricing this high is insane, did you not see when you priced lower people bought. They werent all anon gifters. And post something new, not something that everyone has png's for.   Its a common sense thing!

Buy 3-4 gifts or a whole shop?!?! Hmmm I go with a shop


Sent by FelipeS,Jun 8, 2018

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