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Resolve the “design stealing” problem

Apr 4, 2021 by KrisStory
As little a problem as I see this to be personally, for designs made from this point on, or if/whenever this were to be implemented, another shop could be created for design creators.

Creators could simply upload their newly created designs to their design shop, from which shop owners can buy, for a small sum of their own $T ($30T tops), to use the design for their shop. The designer gets all proceeds. Shop owners could still select designs that aren’t owned by anyone, but when they attempt to post a “copyrighted” design, it will show they must purchase it from the designer.

Question is: how would you curb people claiming already posted material as their own? Just base it on the design number? What if someone reposts it and claims it?

without a resolution to that question this wouldn’t be possible unless everyone knew who made what..


When shops first debut, it was my impression that it was FOR designers, which it seemed like it was, with Wonderland, trishytrash, Vessa, gagaluv, etc. mostly doing their own. BUt it seemed to change when EV32 started outsourcing designs..

As a purist, I think it should've remained that way.

My design was stolen once from DOT COM and posted on .Es. I reported it and was blacklisted from the blog page forever after.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Apr 4, 2021

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