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Crazy stat line

Jul 21, 2019 by KrisStory
My average placement over my last 7 stars is 3rd, I’ve gone unnommed twice, gotten 7 consecutive top 6s, had gone unnommed to 6th or farther for 6 stars straight before this one, gotten 4 finals in 7 stars (almost 5), gotten 40%+ in two of those finals, and I haven’t won once.

Fuck me lol


Sent by JetsRock12,Jul 21, 2019
I am shocked how people would not reward constant arrogance. Very strange
Sent by YouAllSuck,Jul 21, 2019
Sent by lionsden121,Jul 21, 2019
youallsuck well that’s a clear misrepresentation of my intent on your part. The first lines of stats are just facts. If that indicates arrogance to you, then you must be more of an opinion-based interpreter.

The point of the post, which you clearly missed, is to show the stark irony of it all.
Sent by KrisStory,Jul 21, 2019
And this is why you have yet to win :)
Sent by YouAllSuck,Jul 21, 2019
youallsuck yeah maybe in a universe where no multis ever existed. Lol
Sent by KrisStory,Jul 21, 2019

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