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  1. Shoutout to my old friend!!
  2. Should I post plans for Mod-Hosted Stars #2
  3. Just wanna say
  4. Crazy stat line
  5. Gonna do a “Stars I should’ve won” blog..
  6. I beat my record for most times countered
  7. Who is going up in stars
  8. Do I vlog
  9. If you think I used multis
  10. I guess I should’ve blogged to gain support
  11. Letting y’all know...
  12. Predict my percentage?
  13. Post your blogs that won’t delete
  14. *blogs out of desperation*
  15. Who’s thinking Stars?
  16. I can’t imagine being a multi user
  17. Stars this Saturday before multis return again...
  18. Why is everyone talking about potential mods
  19. Just saw a MASSIVE Confederate flag
  20. It’s too bad literally nothing interesting..
  21. Bored
  22. Is it time for stars #26
  23. I can’t believe how trash this site is now
  24. Since Coreyants hate blogs are in season again
  25. I hate it when people ask me to write their essays
  26. If more people don't plus/comment rn...
  27. PYN and I’ll rank you
  28. Do white people actually consider white chicks
  29. Me when I join stars
  30. I mean...
  31. Are there any dynamic duos left on this site?
  32. So now the avis don’t work?
  33. Do I join stars
  34. ¿Quién quiere practicar Español conmigo?
  35. Anyone else here happen to be studying for LSAT?
  36. Back when I was planning games with Admin
  37. We could have had TRS 2
  38. People who won’t win stars in 2019
  39. I meant to join stars
  40. anyone here still play fortnite?

I guess I should’ve blogged to gain support

Jul 17, 2019 by KrisStory
That’s what I get for sleeping all day

Double digits, yuck

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