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  1. Shoutout to my old friend!!
  2. Should I post plans for Mod-Hosted Stars #2
  3. Just wanna say
  4. Crazy stat line
  5. Gonna do a “Stars I should’ve won” blog..
  6. I beat my record for most times countered
  7. Who is going up in stars
  8. Do I vlog
  9. If you think I used multis
  10. I guess I should’ve blogged to gain support
  11. Letting y’all know...
  12. Predict my percentage?
  13. Post your blogs that won’t delete
  14. *blogs out of desperation*
  15. Who’s thinking Stars?
  16. I can’t imagine being a multi user
  17. Stars this Saturday before multis return again...
  18. Why is everyone talking about potential mods
  19. Just saw a MASSIVE Confederate flag
  20. It’s too bad literally nothing interesting..
  21. Bored
  22. Is it time for stars #26
  23. I can’t believe how trash this site is now
  24. Since Coreyants hate blogs are in season again
  25. I hate it when people ask me to write their essays
  26. If more people don't plus/comment rn...
  27. PYN and I’ll rank you
  28. Do white people actually consider white chicks
  29. Me when I join stars
  30. I mean...
  31. Are there any dynamic duos left on this site?
  32. So now the avis don’t work?
  33. Do I join stars
  34. ¿Quién quiere practicar Español conmigo?
  35. Anyone else here happen to be studying for LSAT?
  36. Back when I was planning games with Admin
  37. We could have had TRS 2
  38. People who won’t win stars in 2019
  39. I meant to join stars
  40. anyone here still play fortnite?

I can’t imagine being a multi user

5thJul 10, 2019 by KrisStory
And having to remake multis every six months or so because randomize bans them all. That is HARDCORE dedication to a site that is dying and to cheating in general for very little payout.


lmao same
Sent by Jameslu,Jul 10, 2019
LMAO right
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 10, 2019
Sent by KarmaSutra,Jul 10, 2019
Sent by MudkipzFTW,Jul 10, 2019
LMAO ikr, like actually trying in games is much less effort than all those multis
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Jul 10, 2019
Multi users have been very bad for Tengaged.
Sent by Diva1,Jul 11, 2019

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