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Journey to TV Star- #310 tl;dr

3rdApr 9, 2014 by KrisStory
Wow, after 3 years my 1st ever tengaged goal that I set is completed! Now really, when I joined this site it was December 21st, 2010. But for the first 2 years or so I SUCKED. I came back and left the site many times. It wasn’t till January 15th, 2013 when I decided I’d come back for good! My Karma was 75. My games were at 188. My level was Light Greenl. My journey in chronological order as best as possible:

Basically the only good I did before 2013 was when I made my first frookies finals against #austino15fffan ( ) and the few fasting finals I had made  ( ) When I came back in January, I couldn’t believe how much the site had changed! Half the HoF was completely different, tons of new users! Users I hadn’t ever met… We all know what its like joining games not knowing anyone lol. So once again, I failed. But still after a week I bought Blue level! I got my first top blog which was about #Randomize needing to make an app for tengaged ( ). One of the people I met and was one of my first best friends when I returned was #Piviko. We would go on call every day and talk and then it turned out he was a pervert! If you were here for all that drama and remember it I probably look like a retard now lol. I also was pretty close to Krazyjordan7 and we played together for a while till he had a falling out with the site.

Gameplay wise, around February is when I was about to find a group of people who would teach me how to play the game better than I ever have before! I met MikePerko and bigbrother17 in a duel frookies. Obviously, I wasn’t apart of their alliance and I was just talking to them through pm’s until I would be left in the dust. But after that game I was taken under #MikePerko and nickgqc’s wing and a lot of my gameplay TODAY is similar to theirs in a way. Though, I have matured as a game player and play my own variation of their game. I also learned a lot from bblover96, #SexyTex, #zakisaboss, #Buildie, #Elvira, #Kospapi (#JeffWinger), and #TasteTheRainbowBitch. And by the end of February, I was a red level. This was also somewhere around the time I was playing with #SoccerRulz and GentlemanG. I had won a total of 11 games and I became addicted to frookies very soon lol. I had my 200th charity which failed once then succeeded thanks to stuartlittle16, #soxrox247, and #KidA mostly. I was 3-2 in frookies finals.

In March, spring break had come up and I had set my next goal to win a crookies. It was apparently #xosupervixen’s charity, but she hadn’t joined it till 12 hours after it was claimed and I didn’t even know when I had joined. I had an alliance consisting of myself, #karebare, #Tastetherainbowbitch (who had become a good friend), #Piviko (My best friend), #SpaceCadet, and me and #Piviko’s side alliance with #RevisitedFate. I got my first crooks HoH in this game as well! It was my first crookies win and I worked my ASS off to beat Tastey. ( ) In this week I had also gotten my first two gifts ever from #Piviko. But, after me and him backdoored #SpaceCadet in that game, Taste wouldn’t be my friend anymore. I lost his friendship forever! After March, I had played my first Hunger Games. I received a ton of help from VolcomVans which I still appreciate a ton, without him I probably still wouldn’t know what an XP circle is lol ( ). By the end of March I had won 16 games. I was 6-8 in finals. By the end of the month, I was black level and had a KPG higher than 1.0 for the first time ever.

Soon around April, #Piviko was banned. So I set out looking for more friends on the site which wasn’t hard to do. I had become closer with Perko and Nick so they were pretty much my favorites to play with and I would make finals much more often. I STILL hadn’t merged before but it was soon into this month where I FINALLY got my first merge thanks to the help of #MikePerko and #Buildie ( ). Chances are I would’ve gotten more than one merge on the streak if I wouldn’t have gone over to stay at my gf’s house. I had also won my first ever Castings game which took FOREVER to do lmfao ( ). Around this time #Piviko had made a multi named #Jaden which was banned afterwards sometime in May. Since then, I usually merge every time I join unless I really don’t try and win most of my castings. By the end of the month, I had won 22 games. I was 8-10 in frookies finals.

In May, I had taken a break from frookies and tried to focus more on survivor where I had gotten my 2nd merge ever. I stopped playing frookies because I was super annoyed with losing lol. But soon after I had continued. Then, probably the funniest thing happened. My best friend irl, @keonte13 had found Tengaged through a key name of one of my blogs ( ). In his first fasting he nominated me and him everyday because he thought we were nominating for POV. He got 5th and I won lol. I even set up a premade for him xD ( ). By the end of this month, I had won 29 games and was 10-10 in frookies finals.

The summer months were my most successful months on tengaged EVER. All of a sudden, I hit this insane hot streak. One like never before.  So I decided I’d get into monthly rankers. But before that I got my first rank which was around 650! After I got into monthly rankers though, I said I’d do what few have done, get to +1000. So from July 22nd-September 2nd, I was in monthly rankers. I got +1108, the third highest amount ever (4th ever behind #TasteTheRainbowBitch, #bailey5000, and #sandizzle) No screenshot :( I completely doubled my Karma in just a month and a half. Other than games on tengaged, I started playing skype games where I met a close friend jakehou97. After the summer I stopped playing them though. I had made tons of friends that I can’t even remember at this point besides Esquiff, michaelf1114, roshy, and sahmosean. I played with them A TON! Someone in the summer who I think I kinda helped grow as a player was joshlyn34. I won like 5 crookies in a row, won tons of frookies, castings, and fastings. And merged to keep my karma in monthly high. The frookies where I got 6 povs for the first time, the most I ever got ( ). I had received 662 bets in a crookies which I doubled #XxZacxX tried to get me out LOL ( ). The HARDEST crookies I had ever won and was shocked to win, had 14,000 comments mostly consisting of #Daniel123456 who was enraged that I won lol ( )
The hardest frookies that I was shocked to win ( I don’t know WHAT was so difficult about it then I think they were all after me lol) By the end of the summer, I had won 69 games. 40 games in the summer I had won! More than I even had before the summer began! I was 37-17 in frookies finals. With an ending of +1108 in monthly rankers it still stands as the 4th most ever with 6 people ever doing it. I had 10 days in monthly without playing so I probably could’ve gotten to +1200-1300. But I had already accomplished something.
By the end of the summer I was Sky level.
I’ve never been a good Hunger Games player, and this will be a short part of the blog lol. First time I ever got single digits is when I floated ( ). My best ever Hunger Games where I had 10 XP and sat in the corn for majority of the game is where I got 6th cuz of bitch ass #Millionaire ( ). But I’ve become a much better Hunger Games player now and I’ve gotten single digits in 4 out of my last 5 Hunger Games. 4 Hunger Games straight actually. I had became better thanks to Brosky17 and Gabriel24 mostly. I always had amazing alliances with them and deathwish.
deathwish was shot dead by KrisStory
Jouix was shot dead by KrisStory
Vixanu was shot dead by KrisStory
bamold1999 was shot dead by KrisStory
bamold1999 was shot dead by KrisStory
bamold1999 was shot dead by KrisStory
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panda13 was killed in a fight with KrisStory

Thanks to my sponsers: Rasgrand (x2), justwannasayhi, Ados707, and Bigbrotherlover7

Since September, I’ve had TONS of friends leave the site. Stuck without an actual group of people I kinda just am friends with people for a little till we fall out. One of my best friends around these times were Montyburns till he left the site. But September and so on, I’ve been trying for one goal. And that’s to win stars. In my first stars, I received 12th to #Junsheaven in a 55.1% poll. I went up because #RasGrand decided he was jealous of me doing well so he’d go rat me out for stuff that I told him about the game. He was my best friend. I got 8/10 noms through and survived no polls ( ). My 2nd Stars went much better where I got 7th, surviving my 1st poll ever against #Johneh by 39.2% for 16th. Then ran the game with #Milkisgood till I went up with him for 7th and received a deathblow of 55.3% ( ). I got 17/22 of my noms through. After that, in my 3rd stars I trended into the hall of fame for the first time ever on my 3 year anniversary
(! I also had like the best Stars Screenie made by a dedicated supporter #TheEclipse ( ). I survived a poll against #Kooldude1991 for 10th by 41.2%, but was soon renominated for 8th against my fellow predicted winner #1Swampy8 and was evicted by 51.7% ( ) after getting 10/20 of my noms through. My best stars ever was my 4th stars where I made amazing allies out of vikejk17 and wwemrpeeps. I went unnommed to 7th, where I was then nominated against my closest ally #Vikejk17, I survived against him by 47.1%. I was renominated against my NEXT CLOSEST ally #wwemrpeeps where I survived by 46.6%. I went to finals and lost to #Mastropola and my best buddy #bigbrotherlover7 who got 35.9% and 32.7% while I got 31.4% of the vote ( ). Major upset that has probably cost me tons of support! During this stars I got tons of top blogs including this one which was a huge hit thanks to #Coreyants ( ). I don’t even wanna talk about my 5th stars lol, 2/10 noms gone through where I received 15th ( ). Stupid glitch Stars! I will eventually win it and that’s a promise haha. In between all this, I bought Blood level.

Besides Stars, since September I’ve slowed down A TON on frookies and games in general. I’ve gotten lots more merges and casting wins. My highest merge streak is only 3 though haha ( and ). I’ll beat it eventually. My most Checks/Keys in a casting was where they plussed me but they didn’t care if I plussed them lol, 4649 checks with 3 keys ( ). Up to this point, I’ve won 88 games (pretty pathetic in a 8 month period of time from 69 games in the summer). I am 38-22 in frookies finals. I’ve received 10 gifts and have 12 designs. I need more though! 43 top blogs including this one haha :P My highest top blog in points got 1611 points, which is funny cuz it was just a copied blog by #Abrogate lol ( ). First #1 blog, I actually deleted lol. A lot of shit I've done on this site. Now I've just gotta win stars and Hunger and I've done it just about all!

A little bit of Stats (Games I’ve won)-
Castings- 9
Fastings- 15
Rookies- 7
Frookies- 38
Survivor Merges- 20
Hunger- 0 (best 6th)
Stars- 0 (best 3rd)
Highest rank- 190th

Enough about games, I’d like to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me! I tagged some people that I remember but some people I’ve forgotten on my way here. If you’re on my friends list or at least USED to be, then chances are you were somewhere around me during my time here! Tagging some of the people who made a major impact through this journey with me!

And tons more!

tl;dr of course, but I finally have done it! It was long overdue, but I’ve done it. Thanks guys!


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the longest post i have seen here? yes, i guess so.
but proud of you krisstory. congratulations ya!

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coreyants most people who have had a bigger impact don't even have that haha so grats you
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Around this time #Piviko had made a multi named #Jaden which was banned afterwards sometime in May.

KrisStory  you do reliaze this is Swaggy ;O
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lol u forget tho krisstory i use to play frookies all the time with taste and them :P
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