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  1. This episode was a lot better than the last for..
  2. Is it just me or
  3. Survivor comments
  4. The only surprise this entire season
  5. I'm confused (Australian survivor)
  6. Is tomorrow the BB finale?
  7. Question
  8. I actually find the video of Raven saying she ran..
  9. People don't make any sense on here
  10. Let's pretend Elena wins the PoV
  11. This season would have been so good without a vet
  12. I wonder who actually wants to win Big Brother
  13. So who is going up?
  14. BB19 question
  15. I was looking forward to watching BB19
  16. My bb19 ranking
  17. I love Alex
  18. Does anyone think
  19. If Ika wins BBCAN
  20. I wonder if
  21. Is it bad that I actually
  22. Is Ika leaving BBCAN5?
  23. Question on bbcan5
  24. Survivor rankings
  25. This is my survivor ranking this season so far..
  26. I'm watching the BBCAN5 premiere for the first..
  27. Who has the best intro shot?
  28. Ok... What the actual fuck is wrong with Ken
  29. Question
  30. Survivor Ranking Final 12
  31. I see it now
  32. Can Michigan pull a Nevada and flip already?
  33. America potentially allowing Trump to win the..
  34. Remember
  35. Is it just me
  36. Interesting to see
  37. Michaela Bradshaw
  38. My survivor ranking after ep 4
  39. What is up with
  40. The first three women out

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This episode was a lot better than the last for Survivor Oct 4, 2017
Love Chrissy and Ali. I also like Lauren and Cole a lot too.
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Is it just me or Sep 27, 2017
Did everyone seem invisible on Survivor except for


(let me know if I forgot anyone)

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Survivor comments Sep 27, 2017
Poor Katrina getting no airtime in her boot episode

Love Ali
Love Chrissy
I also love Devon for some reason lol

Episode was boring overall
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The only surprise this entire season Sep 20, 2017
Was Paul losing


I literally had my jaw to the floor
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I'm confused (Australian survivor) Sep 19, 2017
Honestly how did the vote not tie in Australian survivor?

Votes for Henri:


Votes for Peter:


Or did it tie and just didn't show it? With everyone revoting Henri?
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Is tomorrow the BB finale? Sep 19, 2017
Even tho I stopped watching this season middle of week 3, I wanna watch the finale I think
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