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Ranking the Cast of Survivor The Amazon

14thSep 1, 2019 by Kob3Sm1th
imageI just re-watched Survivor The Amazon and this is my ranking of that cast. I'm sorry if it isn't your exact ranking of the cast ^_^

16th - Roger Sexton (Fucking awful at the game, and a shitty person)

15th - Daniel Lue (Only reason he is above Roger is cuz he hated Roger LMAO other than that, this dude was as dumb as a bag of rocks)

14th - Ryan Aiken (First boot, so not much to base off of...but he was better than Daniel lol)

13th - Dave Johnson (Dave was fucking creepy imo lmao like I know Matthew was the "creepy guy" of the season, but Dave was so emotionless and intense about everything. He just striked me as the guy who would cut someone up, bury them, and then go out to grab a bite to eat)

12th - Janet Koth (RIP to the granola bar queen...I honestly thought it was hers LMAO and a part of me still thinks it was and she just won't admit to it lol)

11th - Jeanne Hebert (I wish she lasted longer, cuz I feel like she would've added some good conflict to the merge, but unfortunately she didn't make it far)

10th - JoAnna Ward (Pretty much the same as Jeanne. She could've been a great character, but she was gone too soon)

9th - Shawna Mitchell (Honestly she was kind of annoying when she was whining, but she honestly seemed like a nice/genuine girl)

8th - Alex Bell (Alex had his moments. Him/Deena/Rob definitely were fun to watch while they all imploded their own games LOL. He could be funny, but he could also be super douchey)

7th - Butch Lockley (King of burning the camp down. Butch telling Christy that he made one of his top 5 "non-forgettable life moments" was actually just really fucking sweet lol)

6th - Matthew von Ertfelda (The Matthew hate is so strange. I honestly felt bad for the dude, but I honestly think he should be given more credit than he was given. He eventually started to put the pieces together, and he was actually pretty self aware. With that being said, Matthew was very creepy and it was kind of funny lmao)

5th - Christy Smith (Christy also had good and bad moments, but for the most part, I liked her presence. It's honestly impressive that she made it so far. I love Christy's brutal honesty in her confessionals lmao)

4th - Deena Bennett (Deena was honestly doing so well in the game, but she played her hand WAY to soon. She could've done so much better, but she messed up when she thought she had ALL the power. Regardless, she was fun to watch)

3rd - Heidi Strobel (First off...I just recently found out Heidi is married to Cole Hamels?!?!? For all of you that don't follow baseball...he is a pitcher on the Chicago Cubs. Heidi was such an odd character on the show, and I loved every second of her. I also think she was a lot more self aware than people give her credit for)

2nd - Rob Cesterino (I have a feeling most people on tengaged don't like him, but I honestly thought he was hilarious on this season...I really don't remember All-stars THAT well, so I can't speak for his performance on there...and I don't listen to his podcast, but in regards to The Amazon, I enjoyed him. He was a dick, but he also managed to make good enough relationships to bring him to the final 4)

1st - Jenna Morasca (I fucking love Jenna. She's hilarious, she's BEAUTIFUL, she's smart, she was good at making important relationships with the guys and with most of the woman. Queen of immunity challenges. I was so happy that she won)

Re-watch rankings so far:

6th - Thailand
5th - Africa
4th - Borneo
3rd - Australia
2nd - Marquesas
1st - The Amazon


Pretty accurate
Sent by woeisme,Sep 1, 2019
Heidi is 1st and Jenna 2nd for this cast but overall good ranks
Sent by HaliFord,Sep 1, 2019
16th - Roger Sexton (Fucking awful at the game, and a shitty person)

rob c was my fave. deena SLAYED
Sent by Darbe,Sep 1, 2019

Honestly Rob/Jenna/Heidi are all so close in my rankings, they may as well be tied. But Jenna is one of my all time favorites. Heidi/Jenna were such an incredible duo haha
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Sep 1, 2019
Heidi/Jenna are one of my fave duos ever, and I actually only watched this season kind of recently. ^_^ Heidi was so entertaining to me, I love her
Sent by HaliFord,Sep 1, 2019
Oh I've been rewatching all the seasons too

All my rankings are here:

I love Jenna and Deena so much! Amazon was good, I really liked Africa though. Moreso on my rewatch than I did originally.
Sent by Lemjam6,Sep 1, 2019
I wish Jenna was on All Winners :(
Sent by Lemjam6,Sep 1, 2019
great ranking this season is amazing
Sent by ianfitz0012,Sep 1, 2019
Heidi was the best
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Sep 1, 2019
Zach omg I didn’t know you were on
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 1, 2019
Lemjam6 I was actually kinda the opposite when it comes to Africa. I loved it my first time watching it...but Ethan's edit was not as interesting as I remember...Lex was WAY more annoying than I remember, and T-bird should've won haha and UGH I wish Jenna was too D:

Ianfitz0012 yooooooo dude I haven't seen you in forever. Hope you're doing well

Konohavillage1 KENNETH I miss you man :'( how've you been?
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Sep 1, 2019
Kob3sm1th ive been good! working on myself. hows everything? what ever happened with the girlfriend?
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 2, 2019

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