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Ranking the Cast of Survivor Thailand

Aug 25, 2019 by Kob3Sm1th
imageI just re-watched Survivor Thailand and this is my ranking of that cast. I'm sorry if it isn't your exact ranking of the cast ^_^

16th - Ted Rogers, Jr. (He is here for having the literal worst excuse ever for sexually assaulting a woman....anyways, he also just sucked lol)

15h - John Raymond (Typical first boot)

14th - Jed Hildebrand (Really nothing good came from him)

13th - Robb Zbacnik (He did have his redemption episode, but the dude is fucking annoying lmao. One of the most immature people to ever play the game lmao...with that being said, at least he was fun to laugh at)

12th - Ghandia Johnson (It sucks she was put in the position that she was put in, but I didn't like her otherwise)

11th - Tanya Vance (Honestly, every once in a while I stoop to a level where I rank someone based on their attractiveness.....this is one of them. Tanya is one of the prettiest people to ever play the game, and she was really sweet...I wish she lasted longer)

10th - Brian Heidik (Misogynistic, arrogant, and delusional....but he helped drive the game along)

9th - Penny Ramsey (I wish she played a stronger game. She was playing for 6th, and she ended up getting 7th...not much more to say)

8th - Erin Collins (I feel like Erin was definitely misunderstood, as she didn't get a lot of air time. I wish she was on Amazon instead...I feel like she would've done better)

7th - Clay Jordan (Clay is a fucking weasel, and I hate pretty much everything he stands for...but he did have some comical moments in the season due to him being just a judgmental, grumpy, fuck at times. At least he wasn't as oblivious to his shit morals than Brian was)

6th - Ken Stafford (He was a respectable player and at least tried to build some relationships to further himself, but he was loyal to a fault, which was the reason why he was a bit boring)

5th - Jan Gentry (Fucking Jan is a legend for how long she lasted. She literally cried at like every tribal, and I just felt like she genuinely cared for everyone on the island)

4th - Stephanie Dill (Stephanie, imo, also would've done better on a different season. I don't think she was given much of a chance, but her audition tape is ICONIC. She was an interesting player that I wish got more air time...luckily for her, this cast wasn't my favorite, so she still lands a spot in the top 4)

3rd - Jake Billingsly (Jake definitely had a few moments where I was meh about him, BUT for the most part, Jake was one of the most genuine people in this season. You could tell he really cared for the people who cared for him. His love for his wife was absolutely beautiful)

2nd - Helen Glover (Helen definitely should've made a different choice at the end of the game, but she was just too trusting in Brian...Obviously it's easier for the viewer to call her dumb for her moves at the end, but then again, we can see everything going on. Helen was pretty the most interesting player post-merge, imo, and she drove the second half of the game. I wish she won)

1st - Shi Ann Huang (Fucking Shi Ann was the most depressing early-ish boot. She got fucked over by the dumbass twist that production set up. Shi Ann is one of the best personalities to be on Survivor throughout the first 5 seasons. I love her so much).

Re-watch rankings so far:

5th - Thailand
4th - Africa
3rd - Borneo
2nd - Australia
1st - The Amazon


Jan is top 3 material
Sent by woeisme,Aug 25, 2019
12th - Ghandia Johnson

Sent by BritishRomeo17,Aug 25, 2019

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