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The Voice Season 15 Top 10 Results

7thDec 5, 2018 by Kob3Sm1th
Instant Save Performances:
"All of Me" - DeAndre Nico (4)
"Amazed" - Dave Fenley (6)
N/A - Reagan Strange (10)


Who was saved by the instant save?: Reagan Strange
Who was eliminated?: Dave and DeAndre

13th - Tyke James (#TeamAdam)
12th - SandyRedd (#TeamJHUD)
11th - Lynnea Moorer (#TeamKelly)
10th - DeAndre Nico (#TeamAdam)
9th - Dave Fenley (#TeamBlake)

DeAndre's Best Performance:

Dave's Best Performance:


1. Kennedy Holmes (+0)
2. MaKenzie Thomas (+0)
3. Chevel Shepherd (+0)
4. Kymberli Joye (+1)
5. Kirk Jay (+2)
6. Chris Kroeze (+2)
7. Sarah Grace (+2)
8. Reagan Strange (+2)


#TeamJHUD Average Ranking: 2nd

1. Kennedy Holmes
2. MaKenzie Thomas

#TeamKelly Average Ranking: 5th

1. Chevel Shepherd
2. Kymberli Joye
3. Sarah Grace

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 6th

1. Kirk Jay
2. Chris Kroeze

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 8th

1. Reagan Strange


Top 10 Results Notes:

1. Once again, sorry for being late.

2. OKAY, so you all know by now what happened last night LMAO. Let me just start out by saying...I TOLD YOU SO. I've been saying Adam should be gone for the past how many seasons? He's given up lmao he literally does not care about 3/4 of his contestants EACH SEASON. He picks 1 contestant and rides them until the end, and fucks the rest over. With that being said, he usually picks the worst one too LMAO. Ugh he's awful and so is reagan, and so is the production for letting this happen.

3. Dave and DeAndre (especially DeAndre) looked so hurt and disappointed with the results.  It was so unfair and I honestly feel so bad for both of them, as they both put so much into their instant save performances. Can you imagine following your dreams and working so damn hard to get to where they were, AND THEN LOSING TO THE WORST SINGER IN THE COMPETITION WHEN SHE DIDN'T EVEN PERFORM FOR HER SAFETY? LMAO And to top that off, fucking Adam went to war for Reagan, and just fucked DeAndre right off. No loyalty or professionalism. This show may be a competition, but it's not a game to these people. It's literally their life. So frustrating.

4. There as an exit interview w/ Dave and DeAndre and they both were very good sports about it lol but my favorite was Dave cutting DeAndre off and going "man, I was gonna lose either way" with such a genuine laugh haha. Dave really was just havin a good time up there on stage throughout the show xD gotta love and respect both of them.

5. Also Kelly <3 “You know what, guys? I have been these contestants before, I know Jennifer has as well, and I know Adam in his heart and I know he loves his team. He feels really bad for Reagan,” she began. “But I just wanna say, DeAndre, you just sang the hell out of that song.”

6. Anyways, I'd be SHOCKED if the f4 isn't Kennedy, Kirk, MaKenzie, and Chevel at this point lol



DeAndre nor Dave was in my top 3 but goddamn was this frustrating. Honestly, the fact that it was Reagan of all people didn't bother me it was the whole situation itself.
While it's unfortunate a singer cannot perform it doesn't disregard the fact that this is a singing show and if you cannot sing then goodbye. How is it fair for someone to not sing for their spot yet beat not 1 but TWO people who sang for their safety?

What makes it worse is they had her watch from the AUDIENCE in a ROBE. They didn't even have her up on stage! What a joke! I hope Adam takes this backlash to heart and LEAVES the show! Cannot wait for John legend who will be a TRUE professional.
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 5, 2018
There's literally contestants who have had mono (Trent Harmon, American Idol) and still pushed through and sung. It's a singing competition and sickness is inevitable. However, I don't think it's Reagan's fault because she is a minor, and I don't think it was her decision to not sing, probably her doctor's order that her mother complied to.

What was fucked up was Adam literally throwing his own contestant under the bus, in a disrespectful and rude way, in order to save another contestant. He is, in my mind, disgusting and a fucking prick. Who does that to someone? Literally, humiliate someone on national TV.
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK ,Dec 5, 2018

I thought this comment was pretty accurate in summing up my thoughts lol
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Dec 5, 2018
MJFJUNE tbh it was a lose/lose/lose situation lmao. Not only do DeAndre/Dave get eliminated, but now everyone hates Reagan because of Adam's actions lmao the dislikes on her video now is insane lmao.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Dec 5, 2018
Also to add to your list with Trent, Rachel Potter from X Factor US and Kelly Clarkson also performed on their seasons with throat issues (Rachel had strep and Kelly had laryngitis I believe)
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 5, 2018
6. Anyways, I'd be SHOCKED if the f4 isn't Kennedy, Kirk, MaKenzie, and Chevel at this point lol

That's who I think will be the F4 as well
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Dec 6, 2018
But if she sang statistics show that she was gonna stay anyway. When people vote on the instant they dont vote just based on that one instant performance they have fanbases that votes based on the whole season. She has been in top 10 on itunes twice and this was his second time in the bottom.

What Adam basically said you had your chance to sing and speak to people and so u did and whoever liked it can now save ya, but she didnt so im reminding everyone that she too is competing and has had performances people loved. As I was watching when i didnt know what had happened I did think the situation was more unfair towards her, and if he should stayed then maybe people should have voted for him to stay. Adams not the boss on any of y'all
Sent by joe1110,Dec 6, 2018
Joe1110 I think you're also not taking into consideration that the coaches have extreme influence each season lol look at Blakes mediocre singers that make it to the f4 every season LMAO. I understand what you're saying when saying that people usually just vote on who they like over who performed the best in the instant saves, BUT regardless of who was actually staying, Adam was really disrespectful towards DeAndre lmao and for a dumb reason too. Adam could've easily said that he feels really bad for Reagan and saying that she deserves votes based on her previous performances, while still simultaneously supporting DeAndre as well. With that being said, Reagan has only been charting because she is young lol she honestly is extremely mediocre and by far the worst singer in the top 13. We see this every season with young contestants. If Reagan sang, I'm sure theres still a decent chance the results would have stayed the same, and I'd still be pissed about it lol, but we aren't talking about who stayed necessarily, we're talking about how shady Adam is and how awful of a coach he is.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Dec 6, 2018
kob3sm1th im not the one to support Adam, in fact ive also felt like he needs to leave the show for several seasons now but this was just a simple poor choice of words, and it really wasnt as disrespectful as people made it to be, even with the poor choice of words it was pretty clear what he was trying to say. He just wanted to make her feel like she is a part of it, cause clearly it was taken away from her by other people (doctor probs), maybe something that happened back stage had influence under it we dont know
Sent by joe1110,Dec 6, 2018
joe1110 I get what you're saying but regardless of fan bases or statistics this show is called The Voice and it's a singing competition. If you can't sing then you shouldn't be allowed to move on. If it's due to a medical reason then sure that's unfortunate but life's unfair. If you don't show up to your job you don't get paid.
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 6, 2018
@mfjune she couldnt sing that one time she is more than likely gonna sing next week and at finale if she moves on. Its not like we dont know how she sings anymore, we have heard it and a direct disqualification would be the literal definition of an unfair situation here
Sent by joe1110,Dec 6, 2018
Sent by joe1110,Dec 6, 2018
I wouldnt be surprised if Chris makes it to the finals, He was the most streamed on Apple Music on the week he wasnt so good. Yet again Reagan was most streamed the first 2 weeks and almost went home this week so who knows.
Sent by stuartlittle16,Dec 6, 2018

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