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The Voice Season 15 Top 10 Performances

Dec 5, 2018 by Kob3Sm1th
"Because You Loved Me" - MaKenzie Thomas (2)
"Me Too" - Kennedy Holmes (1)
"Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" - Kymberli Joye (5)
"When You Say Nothing At All" - Dave Fenley (6)
"Tomorrow" - Kirk Jay (7)
"You're Lookin' at Country" - Chevel Shepherd (4)
"Amazing Grace" - Sarah Grace (9)
"Callin' Baton Rouge" - Chris Kroeze (8)
"That's What I Like" - DeAndre Nico (3)
"Cry" - Reagan Strange (10)


1. Kennedy Holmes (+0)
2. MaKenzie Thomas (+0)
3. Chevel Shepherd (+1)
4. DeAndre Nico (-1)
5. Kymberli Joye (+0)
6. Dave Fenley (+0)
7. Kirk Jay (+0)
8. Chris Kroeze (+0)
9. Sarah Grace (+0)
10. Reagan Strange (+0)


#TeamJHUD Average Ranking: 2nd

1. Kennedy Holmes
2. MaKenzie Thomas

#TeamKelly Average Ranking: 6th

1. Kymberli Joye
2. Chevel Shepherd
3. Sarah Grace

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 7th

1. Dave Fenley
2. Kirk Jay
3. Chris Kroeze

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 7th

1. DeAndre Nico
2. Reagan Strange


Top 10 Performance Notes:

1. Here's my weekly 'sorry I'm late' note :)

2. MaKenzie/Kennedy are so god damn good it's insane. No matter who you think is the best. MaKenzie/Kennedy/Chevel are by far the most consistent. I'm not necessarily saying that you have to think they are the best, but none of them have had bad performances lol.

3. MaKenzie was amazing as usual, and I am so glad everyone realizes the amount of talent she is bringing to this competition :)

4. Kennedy was so much fun here. Her versatility is unreal. Tell me how she went from nailing a Whitney ballad to moonwalking in front of 4 of the most influential singers in the music industry to a Meghan Trainor bop. Most people on The Voice take a HUGE hit in their vocals when performing to a dance routine, but Kennedy killed it. I love her so much.

5. Kymberli has been growing on me more and more too. Her last performance was essentially perfect, but I was kind of hoping for the same about of hype from this week, except from a different style of song. I really was looking for her to sing a non-gospel song, but oh well, she still did really well!

6. Dave was finally back in his wheelhouse, and I honestly really enjoyed this performance. 2:50 to the end was REALLY good and i repeated it a few times. It's sad that his last couple performances were only meh :/ his audition and this week were more of what I wanted to hear. If only he kept that same energy throughout.

7. Okay this is one of the weird instances where I actually wanted MORE from the band. Most of the time, I feel like the band overshadows the singer, but why did Kirk sound SO loud for most of the song. Either way, Kirk sounded REALLY good here, and this was one of my favorite performances by him...but UGH it wouldn't sounded SO much better if the band was at the same level as him. I wasn't a fan of the arrangement. Once the band got louder and leveled out with him, it sounded so good for the chorus.

8. How can you not love Chevel? lol she is so fun and she really comes to compete every week. This was prob one of her least threatening performances, but it was still a fun performance.

9. Sarah always sounds so congested IDK but I guess her trumpet part was cool, and some of it was good, but WHY DID WE DO THIS ARRANGEMENT? LMAO either sing the house of the rising sun, or sing amazing grace. I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

10. Chris was boring. He's not bad, but why is he still here? The violinist was killing it tho LOL

11. Ugh, DeAndre :( singing Bruno Mars (other than When I Was Your Man or Grenade) is suicide on this show D: WHY was he given this song?

12. Reagan did well with the big note of the song, but otherwise she's always pitchy and not good??????



i'd put Sarah at #2 but otherwise I agree
Sent by Birks4444,Dec 5, 2018
#2 for the night, not overall LMAO
Sent by Birks4444,Dec 5, 2018
I don't mean to sound rude af but Sarah's facial expressions when she sings annoys the FUCK out of me i am SORRY
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 5, 2018
Also Kymberli is from my home state! I live 59 minutes from her city (Windsor)!
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 5, 2018
Birks4444 her performance wasn't 'bad' BUT her voice is SOOOOOOOOO congested and it bugs me lol like her range is awful. Also the arrangement of the song bothered me. It wasn't a bad performance tho, on her standards, and I liked the trumpet.

MJFJUNE LMAO same about her facial expressions. Like they're so over the top and feel forced to me.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Dec 5, 2018
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Dec 6, 2018
Since when do you watch the voice??? Jordanlloydfan lmaoooo
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Dec 6, 2018

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