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The Voice Season 14 Finale Performances

May 26, 2018 by Kob3Sm1th
"Skyfall" - Brynn Cartelli (3)
"With a Little Help from My Friends" - Kyla Jade (1)
"Where You Come From" - Britton Buchanan (2)
"Good Lovin'" - Britton Buchanan (2)
"The Last Tear" - Kyla Jade (1)
"Only Love" - Kyla Jade (1) & Blake Shelton
"Old Soul" - Spensha Baker (4)
"Tell Me About It" - Spensha Baker (4) & Blake Shelton
"Wake Me Up" - Britton Buchanan (2) & Alicia Keys
"Don't Dream It's Over" - Brynn Cartelli (3) & Kelly Clarkson
"Merry Go Round" - Spensha Baker (4)
"Walk My Way" - Brynn Cartelli (3)

1. Kyla Jade
2. Britton Buchanan
3. Brynn Cartelli
4. Spensha Baker


Coach Rankings:

#TeamAlicia Average Ranking: 2nd

1. Britton Buchanan

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 3rd

1. Kyla Jade
2. Spensha Baker

#TeamKelly Average Ranking: 3rd

1. Brynn Cartelli

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: N/A


Finale Performance Notes:

1. So here I am again, a week late! ANYWAYS, this finale was surprisingly pretty good...

2. So first, we'll start w/ Kyla. I absolutely love Kyla. I thought maybe....JUST MAYBE....we could possibly get our first black female winner, but I was pretty certain Brynn would win lol. With that being said, Kyla's original was decent, and her cover of With a Little Help from My Friend was AMAZING. Her duet w/ Blake was surprisingly good too. I thought he'd make her do some weird ass country song that wouldn't fit her voice at all, but they blended very well together. I thought it was the best duet of the night.

2. Next, I'll talk about Britton. Britton is really good, like actually really good. He probably had one of the most refreshing voices on the show. His only problem was, he didn't have anything flashy, which probably caused him not getting the win. Either way, his original was actually really good, and he put everything into it. Also, his cover of Good Lovin' was pretty good in the beginning, but the last minute or 30 seconds was INCREDIBLE. I was like getting ready to dance to it lmao. His worst performance of the night was his duet w/ Alicia tho. was just a weird song to sing, even though I know it was a tribute to Avicii. I just didn't think him and Alicia sounded that good on it...they could've done so much better on like so many songs. Still not bad though.

3. Okay, so I've had my issues with Brynn, but there's no denying that she's had amazing performance, on top of her bad performances. She's definitely had more bad performances than Kyla or Britton, BUT her cover of Skyfall was incredible. I was nervous for her, but she honestly knocked it out of the park. The part at 2:37-2:43 was sooooo good, I replayed it like 100 times. She was already going to win, due to her fanbase and her age, but that performance solidified it lmao. Her duet w/ Kelly was meh, imo...idk it seemed a bit off. Maybe I'm just being picky, since I love that song...but just didn't seem right. Lastly, I thought she had the worst original song. Or at least her performance of it was the worst of the night.

4. As I've said before, Spensha is definitely not bad, but she's just kind of boring to me. She was forgettable compared to the other performances of the night, but she wasn't bad. Her original was pretty good, but I thought Kyla's and Britton's were better. But the song fit her pretty well. Her duet w/ Blake was pretty pleasing too. Honestly, I thought Blake's duets were the best of the night, which is shocking to me lmao. Lastly, her cover of Merry Go Round was meh...nothing really special about it lol.



Brynn surprised me with Skyfall, she did good. However, I thought her original song was bad BUT the reason it charted so high (higher than her other performances) was cuz it fit right into what's on the radio rn so i guess that was smart on her behalf.

Still disappointed Kyla didn't win. I don't get where her fan base ran off to for the finale????

I feel like if it was any other season Spensha wouldn't have cracked the Top 10
Sent by MJFJUNE,May 26, 2018
This season sucked asshole.
Kyla was THE VOICE
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,May 26, 2018
MJFJUNE I didn't care to listen to the studio version, but apparently the studio version was very radio worthy, but yea, her live performance of it sucked lol. Also, yea, I agree about Kyla's fanbase just forgetting to vote??? And also about Spensha lmao.

WannaBeeFriends Kyla, Britton, and Christiana were prob the 3 most deserving people of the win from this season. Definitely Christiana and Kyla tho. They were both The Voice imo.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,May 26, 2018
Just list need to the studio version of Brynns self made song and it's much better. It's one of those songs that is only good if in the studio but shit live
Sent by MJFJUNE,May 26, 2018

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