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The Voice Season 14 Battles Night 3

Mar 27, 2018 by Kob3Sm1th
"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" - Drew Cole (33) vs. Miya Bass (31)
"Thinking Out Loud" - Britton Buchanan (19) vs. Jaclyn Lovey (3)
"Because of You" - Genesis Diaz (8) vs. Mia Boostrom (43)
"Burning House" - Justin Kilgore (6) vs. Molly Stevens (40)
"Nobody to Blame" - Jordan Kirkdorffer (21) vs. WILKES (27)
"Don't Do Me Like That" - Kaleb Lee (42) vs. Pryor Baird (32)

Drew (33) vs. Miya (31)
-Who should've won: TBH I thought it was a great battle, but I'd give the edge to Miya
-Who won: Drew
-Should Miya have been stolen?: Based off of that performance, yes.
-Was she stolen?: Yes

Britton (19) vs. Jaclyn (3)
-Who should've won: Britton tbh
-Who won: Britton
-Should Jaclyn have been stolen?: YES
-Was she stolen?: Yesssss

Genesis (8) vs. Mia (43)
-Who should've won: Mia
-Who won: Mia
-Should Genesis have been stolen?: Ahhhhhh I mean, I think she deserved a steal.
-Was she stolen?: No :(

Justin (6) vs. Molly (40)
-Who should've won: Damn...that was pretty good. I liked both of them...but Justin's audition was way I'll say Justin.
-Who won: Justin
-Should Molly have been stolen?: I'm so conflicted this episode with everything ugh. IDK.
-Was she stolen?: No

Kaleb (42) vs. Pryor (32)
-Who should've won: Pryor
-Who won: Pryor
-Should Kaleb have been stolen?: No...
-Was he stolen?: -_-

Jordan (21) vs. WILKES (27)
-Who should've won: WILKES
-Who won: WILKES
-Should Jordan have been stolen?: No
-Was he stolen?: No

1. Christiana Danielle
2. Jaclyn Lovey
3. Brynn Cartelli 
4. Sharane Callister
5. Kelsea Johnson
6. Jackie Foster
7. Justin Kilgore
8. Britton Buchanan
9. Johnny Bliss
10. Miya Bass
11 Drew Cole
12. D.R. King
13. Jordyn Simone
14. Mia Boostrom
15. Tish Haynes Keys
16. Kyla Jade
17. Rayshun LaMarr
19. Jorge Eduardo
20. Jaron Strom
21. Reid Umstattd
22. Pryor Baird
23. Dylan Hartigan
24. Kaleb Lee
25. Jamella


Coach Rankings:

#TeamAlicia Average Ranking: 6th

1. Christiana Danielle
2. Sharane Callister
3. Kelsea Johnson
4. Britton Buchanan
5. Johnny Bliss
6. Miya Bass

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 14th

1. Jackie Foster
2. Drew Cole
3. Jordyn Simone
4. Mia Boostrom
5. Rayshun LaMarr
6. Reid Umstattd

#TeamKelly Average Ranking: 15th

1. Brynn Cartelli 
2. Justin Kilgore
3. D.R. King
4. Tish Haynes Keys
5. Jorge Eduardo
6. Kaleb Lee
7. Jamella

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 17th

1. Jaclyn Lovey
2. Kyla Jade
4. Jaron Strom
5. Pryor Baird
6. Dylan Hartigan


Battles Night 3 Notes:

1. This episode was great, imo! I really enjoyed most of these battles!

2. Drew vs. Miya was soooooo good! They sounded so well together. I may be a bit biased cuz I love Bob Dylan and I thought they performed it really well. Either way, they both shocked me and I'm glad they both moved on!

3. Britton shocked me too! I thought he was wildly overrated after his leaked audition, but he performed really well in this battle, and I even thought he beat Jaclyn, who is one of my favorites.

4. Jaclyn is so precious. Her personality is definitely one of my favorites on the show. And the way she was dressed ugh she's so beautiful :) I'm glad she was stolen!

5. Mia was prob the biggest shocker for me. I honestly did not like her audition, but she sounded perfect here. I feel like Genesis may have deserved a steal, but I wouldn't say she was R O B B E D. Genesis seemed like she was pushing her voice the whole song, but Mia felt so natural, which definitely gave her the edge.

6. Justin and Molly did really well too! I really like Justin, even though he is a male country singer :O

7. Honestly I didn't care for Molly's audition, but her voice was very interesting here. How did it sound like she was whispering so beautifully? xD

8. Jordan and WILKES were pretty fun. They had a lot of energy and I thought they both sounded really good together.

9. Kaleb and Pryor were good too, but Pryor was the CLEAR winner, and literally anyone that lost tonight would've been a better steal than Kaleb...Kaleb has such a generic voice.... ^_^ ugh. Oh well, we shouldn't be shocked.

10. Good episode!



Yassssss omg why waste a steal on Kaleb???
Sent by Birks4444,Mar 27, 2018
Britton is hot
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Mar 27, 2018
I hate Kaleb too. Ugh. It's annoying how mediocre country singers always get far on The Voice. I hate listening to them.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Mar 27, 2018
ofc britton beat jaclyn. alicia choose that song on purpose. it literally matched his voice perfectly and was more in his genre of music. she screwed jaclyn over tbh with that oversung and basic ed sheeran song.
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Mar 27, 2018
I love Britton
Sent by Bluejay7622,Mar 27, 2018
Genesis :(
Sent by Jameslu,Mar 27, 2018

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