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The Voice Season 13 Semifinals Performances

Dec 12, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th
Solo Performances:
"Both Sides Now" - Addison Agen (3)
"Faithfully" - Brooke Simpson (4)
"I Want to Know What Love Is" - Chloe Kohanski (1)
"What Hurts the Most" - Keisha Renee (6)
"I'm Already There" - Adam Cunningham (7)
"Gravity" - Davon Fleming (5)
"River" - Noah Mac (2)
"Go Rest High on That Mountain" - Red Marlow (8)

"Strong Enough" - Addison Agen (3) & Keisha Renee (6)
"Wicked Game" - Chloe Kohanski (1) & Noah Mac (2)
"Can't You See" - Adam Cunningham (7) & Red Marlow (8)
"Earned It" - Brooke Simpson (4) & Davon Fleming (5)

1. Chloe Kohanski (+0)
2. Addison Agen (+1)
3. Noah Mac (-1)
4. Brooke Simpson (+0)
5. Keisha Renee (+1)
6. Davon Flemin (-1)
7. Adam Cunningham (+0)
8. Red Marlow (+0)


Coach Rankings:

#TeamMiley Average Ranking: 4th

1. Brooke Simpson

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 5th

1. Chloe Kohanski
2. Keisha Renee
3. Red Marlow

#TeamJHud Average Ranking: 5th

1. Noah Mac
2. Davon Fleming

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 5th

1. Addison Agen
2. Adam Cunningham


Semifinals Performance Notes:

1. Jesus H. Christ....

2. Some of them CAME. TO. SLAY. during the semifinals.

3. Let me start with Addison. Holy shit. She absolutely blew me away. Halfway through I thought I was watching the end of the next big Disney film. Wow. She was just perfect and I really don't know what to say...

4. Brooke...I've missed Brooke. Her audition was INCREDIBLE, and then I just was getting kind of bored of her, unfortunately, but how could you not LOVE this performance. When the chorus came in around 2:40, and she joined in, I had goosebumps all throughout my body. Wow. She needed a big performance like that.

5. Chloe is literally amazing every week. I honestly thought she was gonna be my favorite performance of the night, but then Addison and Brooke came along. Just because Chloe was ranked 3/8 from this night does NOT mean I thought she was just good or decent. She was still incredible and honestly I just loved all three of them. I love Chloe so much. She's becoming one of my favorites ever...

6. I must admit, I've been unfair to Keisha this season. She is by far one of the best singers on the show, I just don't find her AS interesting as some of the others. I recognize that she's absolutely amazing, but I just like some of the others more than her, and I guess that's just my opinion lol. With that being said, she kills it every week, and I really enjoyed this performance.

7. Adam had his best performance of the season imo. I don't want him in the finale, but I mean...he had a good performance. Sue me for liking it I guess lol.

8. Davon did better than he's done in his past few performances, but ugh he had such a decline on this show. He came out SO STRONG at the beginning. He was my favorite at one point :( he's great, but he just seemed to lose his way throughout the competition.

9. Some may disagree with me here, but this was prob one of my least favorite performances by Noah....BUT, I don't think it was necessarily his fault. The song was just way too repetitive for me. It was definitely fun, and he was good, but the dude must've said "River" like 100 times in 3 minutes lmao. Also I love how over the top The Voice is LMAO. They're like "ok let's have Noah hit this drum like 5 times to the same beat as the other 10 people playing bass drums and floor toms" LMAO. Doesn't matter tho, Noah will make it to the finale 100%.

10. Red sang a song.

11. I wasn't THAT big of a fan of any of the duets, but Keisha/Addison definitely had the best duet. Noah/Chloe were both good individually, but it was kind of a weird song to sing as a duet. Red/Adam sang a duet. Brooke/Davon were awful lmao.

12. I would love Chloe/Addison/Noah/Brooke as the top 4, but I know that prob won't happen lol.

13. My prediction:

8 - Davon
7 - Adam
6 - Keisha
5 - Addison :'(
4 - Red
3 - Brooke
2 - Chloe
1 - Noah

14. TBH, this is prob the most clueless I've ever been on who's going to win this season. I feel like there is a pretty even split between votes between all the frontrunners. It's pretty crazy lol.



my prediction:
8th - davon
7th - adam
6th - keisha
5th - noah
4th - addison
3rd - red
2nd - brooke
1st - chloe
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Dec 12, 2017
Addison is my favorite contestant of all time, so I would love for her to win. I've never had a favorite win so I wouldn't be surprised if she was robbed.

I would also be happy for a different sound of the voice to win for change (Chloe, Noah).

Brooke winning is any other powerhouse overrated and predictable winner who has been praised all season. i.e. Alisan, Jordan, Chris
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Dec 12, 2017

Keisha does have the best voice of the season, and she's also my favorite. However, black women can never prosper in this competition i.e. Ali Caldwell. The demographics of The Voice is completely biased and will never 100% support a strong black female singer, proven time and time again, season after season.
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Dec 12, 2017
I'm PRAYING that too 4 are chloe Addison Brooke and Noah ugh
Sent by mikec51,Dec 12, 2017
What's ACTUALLY going to happen

-- red or Brooke. Probably red.
Sent by alanb1,Dec 12, 2017
deshonBANNEDISBACK I would love for Addison or Chloe to win. I wouldn't mind Noah winning either tho.

And even tho Brooke is prob my 4th favorite, I'd rather have Keisha win than her, for the same reasons that you have listed lmao. I'm tired of male country or predictable powerhouse winners.

and I preferred Janice over Keisha, but like I said before, I recognize that Keisha is vocally one of, if not, the best on the show, but my taste in music doesn't match some of her performances. That's all really.

BUT moment of silence for Amanda Brown/Judith Hill/Sisaundra Lewis/Koryn Hawthorne/Kimberly Nichole/Shalyah Fearing/Ali Caldwell
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Dec 12, 2017
Addison has to win but wouldn’t kindle her losing to Chloe but if Brooke wins it over the two the show has lost its footing.
Sent by Caliboy,Dec 12, 2017

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