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The Voice Season 13 Live Playoffs Night 1

Nov 14, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th
"I Am Changing" - Davon Fleming (1)
"In the Air Tonight" - Noah Mac (7)
"Time After Time" - Chloe Kohanski (3)
"Love Can Build a Bridge" - Keisha Renee (9)
"California Soul" - Chris Weaver (4)
"Learn to Let Go" - Hannah Mrozak (11)
"Tattooed Heart" - Shi'Ann Jones (14)
"Chiseled in Stone" - Red Marlow (17)
"The Beautiful Ones" - Lucas Holliday (N/A)
"Callin' Baton Rouge" - Natalie Stovall (N/A)
"Heaven" - Mitchell Lee (19)
"How Do I Live" - Esera Tuaolo (12)

1. Davon Fleming
2. Chloe Kohanski
3. Noah Mac
4. Keisha Renee
5. Shi'Ann Jones
6. Red Marlow


Coach Rankings:

#TeamJHud Average Ranking: 3rd

1. Davon Fleming
2. Noah Mac
3. Shi'Ann Jones

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 4th

1. Chloe Kohanski
2. Keisha Renee
3. Red Marlow

#TeamMiley Average Ranking:

#TeamAdam Average Ranking:

Who I wanted to move on from #TeamBlake: Chloe, Keisha, Esera
Who moved on from #TeamBlake: Chloe, Keisha, Red

Who I waned to move on from #TeamJHud: Davon, Noah, Chris
Who moved on from #TeamJHud: Davon, Noah, Shi'Ann


Live Playoffs Night 1 Notes:

1. Meh, not the best playoffs episode.

2. Davon fucking kills it every time he steps foot on that stage. He came out and just blew me away!

3. Noah is really making a case for him to be in the finals at this point. He is improving immensely throughout this season! His lower register is very very good, and he brought so much intensity to that performance!

4. Chloe's voice is fucking amazing, you can't deny that. I loved her in this performance, but I wish she sang something else lol. Time After Time repeats itself throughout the whole song essentially, I just sat there waiting for the "I WILL BE WAITINGGGGGGG" part at the end lol. Either way, I still love her.

5. Keisha performed really well again! I think she's consistently really good, but Idk, she just hasn't completely caught my attention yet.

6. RIP Chris Weaver ^_^ at least he went out on a performance that I thought was his weakest, so it was at least somewhat justifiable.

7. Hannah was a bit pitchy, but she captivated the audience with her emotion.

8. I don't really care for Shi'Ann. Her voice needs a lot of work, as it is still very immature. She has a lot of potential and obviously has a great voice, but she's just a bit too young for me, as I don't think her voice has matured enough yet.

9. I hope Blake keeps having Red sing these country roots songs, as opposed to pop contemporary country, because I am fine w/ the country roots. There have been better country artists than him on the show before, but he was okay here.

10. TBH, Lucas was pretty bad for the majority of the song, but it was a Prince song, which is an extremely difficult task...AND he was very entertaining to where I was able to somewhat ignore the pitch troubles xD

11. Natalie played the hell out of the fiddle, but her voice didn't cut it.

12. Mitchell was boring and I almost fell asleep.

13. Esera was awful lmao



I definitely think Chloe’s performance was worse than Keisha’s. And I was there love and saw this on tv and Keisha did better in both
Sent by adamsel,Nov 14, 2017
Adamsel I honestly agree with you on their performances, I am just slightly biased with Chloe cuz her voice is just so fucking awesome lol

but yea, as performances go, Keisha did better.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Nov 14, 2017
I was so impressed by JHuDs team, Blake’s was kinda predictable but overall Yeah unsure about ShiAn Beijing ready as well.
Sent by Caliboy,Nov 14, 2017

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