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The Voice Season 13 Battles Night 3

12thOct 24, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th
"W.O.M.A.N." - Janice Freeman (34) vs. Katrina Rose (43)
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" - Addison Agen (17) vs. Karli Webster (12)
"Oh! Darling" - Shi'Ann Jones (25) vs. Stephan Marcellus (38)
"I Wish it Would Rain" - Brandon Brown (9) vs. Jon Mero (33)
"I Feel it Coming" - Anthony Alexander (21) vs. Michael Kight (23)
"Fishin' in the Dark" - Red Marlow (41) vs. Ryan Scripps (48)
"Independence Day" - Anna Catherine DeHart (47) vs. Kristi Hoopes (27)
"One Call Away" - Alexandra Joyce (44) vs. Jeremiah Miller (30)
"Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" - Emily Luther (7) vs. Gary Carpentier (14)

Addison (17) vs. Karli (12)
-Who should've won: Karli
-Who won: Karli
-Should Addison have been stolen?: Yea
-Was she stolen?: Yep

Brandon (9) vs. Jon (33)
-Who should've won: Jon
-Who won: Jon
-Should Brandon have been stolen?: Yes, based off of his audition.
-Was he stolen?: No :(

Anthony (21) vs. Michael (23)
-Who should've won: Anthony
-Who won: Anthony
-Should Michael have been stolen?: No
-Was he stolen?: No

Janice (34) vs. Katrina (43)
-Who should've won: Janice
-Who won: Janice
-Should Katrina have been stolen?: After that, it'd be a crime not to steal her.
-Was she stolen?: Of course

Red (41) vs. Ryan (48)
-Who should've won: Idk, Red I guess lmao
-Who won: Red
-Should Ryan have been stolen?: No
-Was he stolen?: No

Shi'Ann (25) vs. Stephan (38)
-Who should've won: Shi'Ann
-Who won: Shi'Ann
-Should Stephan have been stolen?: Ehhhh probably not
-Was he stolen?: Yea

Montaged battles:

Anna Catherine (47) vs. Kristi (27)
-Who should've won: Kristi
-Who won: Anna Catherine
-Should Kristi have been stolen?: No
-Was she stolen?: No

Alexandra (44) vs. Jeremiah (30)
-Who should've won: Jeremiah
-Who won: Jeremiah
-Should Alexandra have been stolen?: No
-Was she stolen?: No

Emily (7) vs. Gary (14)
-Who should've won: Emily
-Who won: Emily
-Should Gary have been stolen?: No
-Was he stolen?: No

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Chris Weaver
3. Davon Fleming
4. Karli Webster
5. Lucas Holiday
6. Emily Luther
7. Chloe Kohanski
8. Janice Freeman
9. Keisha Renee
10. Noah Mac
11. Addison Agen
12. Katrina Rose
13. Moriah Formica
14. Shi'Ann Jones
15. Esera Tuaolo
16. Dennis Drummond
17. Hannah Mrozak
18. Adam Pearce
19. Whitney Fenimore
20. Stephan Marcellus
21. Jon Mero
22. Anthony Alexander
23. Dylan Gerard
24. Kathrina Feigh
25. Jeremiah Miller
26. Mitchell Lee
27. Red Marlow
28. Anna Catherine DeHart


Coach Rankings:

#TeamMiley Average Ranking: 10th

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Karli Webster
3. Chloe Kohanski
4. Janice Freeman
5. Moriah Formica
6. Whitney Fenimore
7. Stephan Marcellus

#TeamJHud Average Ranking: 10th

1. Chris Weaver
2. Davon Fleming
3. Lucas Holiday
4. Noah Mac
5. Katrina Rose
6. Shi'Ann Jones
7. Jeremiah Miller

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 17th

1. Emily Luther
2. Addison Agen
3. Dennis Drummond
4. Hannah Mrozak
5. Adam Pearce
6. Jon Mero
7. Anthony Alexander
8. Dylan Gerard

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 22nd

1. Keisha Renee
2. Esera Tuaolo
3. Mitchell Lee
4. Kathrina Feigh
5. Red Marlow
6. Anna Catherine DeHart


Battles Night 3 Notes:

1. JANICE AND KATRINA BLEW THE ROOF OF THE PLACE. Literally everything about that battle was amazing. And like...where the fuck did Katrina come from? She honestly held her own so well against Janice, considering that song was made for Janice. I loved it.

2. Addison and Karli were very very good together. Their voices complimented each other really well, and it was very relaxing to listen to them sing. Glad they're both still in it!

3. Shi'Ann vs. Stephan was pretty good too. Shi'Ann was definitely better, but Stephan had a few cool moments in there! They both had a few shaky moments, but overall, it was good.

4. I'm sad Brandon was eliminated :( I don't get the hype for Jon tbh. He was good here, but Idk. Brandon had a meh performance unfortunately :(

5. Anthony vs. Michael was bad tbh. Both were off, and they didn't compliment each other at all.

6. Red vs. Ryan was awful. Boring, bad, and they sounded bad together.

7. I wish Emily wasn't montaged, but oh well!

8. The rest were montaged.



Love ur blogs
Sent by alanb1,Oct 24, 2017
I wasn't sad to see Brandon go too :/

Michael and Anthony I feel Michael was second guessing a lot as showed on his face or come off as is.

Glad Addison was stolen tho out of the steals  I wasn't too sure about Stephan getting one but it works I suppose.

Glad Emily made it thru. Rad and ryan was boring and dry too bad ryan couldn't rep San Jose tho further lol
Sent by Caliboy,Oct 24, 2017
I was sad to see Brandon go*
Sent by Caliboy,Oct 24, 2017
Miley's battles are just breathtaking
Sent by NicoleF,Oct 24, 2017
Thanks alanb1 :)

caliboy pretty much agree with everything u said!

NicoleF I think Miley is one of the best coaches when it comes to song choice (over her 2 seasons so far)
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Oct 24, 2017
why id moriah so low on mileys rankings
Sent by Dibby1010,Oct 24, 2017
Addison wins the voice
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Oct 24, 2017
Dibby1010 because her team is stacked and Moriah's battle wasn't as good as her audition. I still liked her battle tho. I almost like all of team Miley and JHUD
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Oct 24, 2017

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