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The Voice Season 13 Auditions Night 4

Oct 4, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th
"Summertime" - Emily Luther
"You're So Vain" - Karli Webster
"Redbone" - Anthony Alexander
"Invincible" - Sophia Bollman
"Take Me to Church" - Stephan Marcellus

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Chris Weaver
3. Lucas Holiday
4. Davon Fleming
5. Moriah Formica
6. Emily Luther
7. Keisha Renee
8. Noah Mac
9.Karli Webster
10. Esera Tuaolo
11. Ashland Craft
12. Addison Agen
13. Anthony Alexander
14. Adam Pearce
15. Sophia Bollman
16. Shi'Ann Jones
17. Dave Crosby
18. Adam Cunningham
19. Shilo Gold
20. Brandon Showell
21. Janice Freeman
22. Dylan Gerard
23. Hannah Mrozak
24. Stephan Marcellus
25. Maharasyi
26. Mitchell Lee
27. Red Marlow
28. Kathrina Feigh
29. Alexandra Joyce
30. Eric Lyn
31. Anna Catherine DeHart


Coach Rankings:

#TeamMiley Average Ranking: 12th

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Moriah Formica
3. Karli Webster
4. Ashland Craft
5. Addison Agen
6. Sophia Bollman
7. Shilo Gold
8. Janice Freeman

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 15th

1. Keisha Renee
2. Noah Mac
3. Esera Tuaolo
4. Adam Cunningham
5. Mitchell Lee
6. Red Marlow
7. Anna Catherine DeHart

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 16th

1. Emily Luther
2. Anthony Alexander
3. Adam Pearce
4. Dave Crosby
5. Brandon Showell
6. Dylan Gerard
7. Hannah Mrozak

#TeamJHud Average Ranking: 18th

1. Chris Weaver
2. Lucas Holiday
3. Davon Fleming
4. Shi'Ann Jones
5. Stephen Marcellus
6. Maharasyi
7. Kathrina Feigh
8. Alexandra Joyce
9. Eric Flyn


Night 4 Auditions Notes:

1. Well tbh, last season was a surprisingly good season, so it only makes sense that this season is very subpar so far. This night kinda sucked.

2. Emily sounded really good, and I love the jazzy feel to her, hopefully she goes far.

3. Karli sounded good and she has a great voice, but I was sort of bored tbh.

4. Ok, I might get hate for putting him at #3 for the night, but I wasn't feeling it. He has a good voice, but his voice is WAYYYYY to innocent to be singing one of the most hottest/sexual songs to be put out in the past 10 years. I don't think his voice is bad...I just needed more grit from him. He sounded like he just sang Redbone on a kids tv show. I am still excited to see him sing a different song that might be a little less mature for him lmao.

5. Sophia was meh until the end. If she can fix her control, she can be great. Her power notes at the end were great.

6. Stephan obviously fucked up in the beginning, but good for him for not giving up. Regardless, I'm still unsure on whether I think his voice can be interesting enough for me.



yes @ top 2
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Oct 4, 2017
tag me
Sent by ImGonnaWin,Oct 4, 2017
tag me btw
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Oct 4, 2017
I'm actually looking forward to seeing karli Emily and Anthony and seeing what they bring into the battles.
Sent by Caliboy,Oct 4, 2017
Although I was a little picky on Anthony's audition, I am excited for those 3 as well Caliboy
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Oct 4, 2017

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