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The Voice Season 13 Auditions Night 3

Oct 3, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th
"Me and Mr. Jones" - Davon Fleming
"Crazy On You" - Moriah Formica
"Way Down We Go" - Noah Mac
"Jolene" - Addison Agen
"Hot Blooded" - Adam Pearce
"Midnight Rider" - Adam Cunningham
"Stay With Me Baby" - Shilo Gold
"Starving" - Hannah Mrozak
"Big White Room" - Kathrina Feigh
"Wildest Dreams" - Alexandra Joyce
"Ooh Child" - Eric Lyn
"I Could Use a Love Song" - Anna Catherine DeHart

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Chris Weaver
3. Lucas Holiday
4. Davon Fleming
5. Moriah Formica
6. Keisha Renee
7. Noah Mac
8. Esera Tuaolo
9. Ashland Craft
10. Addison Agen
11. Adam Pearce
12. Shi'Ann Jones
13. Dave Crosby
14. Adam Cunningham
15. Shilo Gold
16. Brandon Showell
17. Janice Freeman
18. Dylan Gerard
19. Hannah Mrozak
20. Maharasyi
21. Mitchell Lee
22. Red Marlow
23. Kathrina Feigh
24. Alexandra Joyce
25. Eric Lyn
26. Anna Catherine DeHart


Coach Rankings:

#TeamMiley Average Ranking: 10th

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Moriah Formica
3. Ashland Craft
4. Addison Agen
5. Shilo Gold
6. Janice Freeman

#TeamJHud Average Ranking: 14th

1. Chris Weaver
2. Lucas Holiday
3. Davon Fleming
4. Shi'Ann Jones
5. Maharasyi
6. Kathrina Feigh
7. Alexandra Joyce
8. Eric Flyn

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 15th

1. Keisha Renee
2. Noah Mac
3. Esera Tuaolo
4. Adam Cunningham
5. Mitchell Lee
6. Red Marlow
7. Anna Catherine DeHart

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 15th

1. Adam Pearce
2. Dave Crosby
3. Brandon Showell
4. Dylan Gerard
5. Hannah Mrozak


Night 3 Auditions Notes:

1. Sorry for being late again. I'll also be late on tonights episode, because I work tonight.

2. Another meh episode :x

3. Devon's voice is very very good. I think he just gave us a sneak peak of his voice, but I guarantee he blows us away in battles.

4. Moriah's voice was very powerful and it didn't feel strained, which is rare for young female powerhouse singers. I liked her a lot.

5. Noah was really interesting too. I am glad to see an attractive looking young male who can actually sing and have a unique voice. Looking forward to his later performances.

6. Addison was slightly overrated imo, but still good. Her voice is very calm, and I LOVE Jolene, but I thought her rendition was sort of boring and not as pure as I would've hoped. Still good though.

7. Adam Pearce has a great rock voice, which is something that we always lack on The Voice. It always seems that we get southern rock, but never 80's rock. Anyways, I don't see him going far, but he'll be fun to watch.

8. Speaking of southern rock, Adam Cunningham was good, but nothing we haven't seen in the past.

9. Shilo has a very very interesting voice, but she lacks training, it seems. Hopefully the Miley can really help her moving forward, in which she could be very dangerous in this competition.

10. Hannah has a voice for contemporary radio hits, but I wasn't too impressed.

11. Kathrina was bad...idk.

12. Alexandra, Anna, and Eric were all montaged ^_^



Sent by Laura21,Oct 3, 2017
-9 hannah is the goat
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Oct 3, 2017
I think Kathrina had a very good voice, but the song and audition overall was horrid
same as shilo i hated her audition LOL

also, how can they not do montages for one season, then go back to doing them the next? like thats just EVIL
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Oct 3, 2017
love these opinions!
Sent by hwest14,Oct 3, 2017
Kaseyhope101 She has potential...but her audition was not impressive at all lmao. Hopefully she changes my mind in battles.

BritishRomeo17 LMAO ikr?

Hwest14 thank you!! I appreciate it!
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Oct 3, 2017
ik someone who is friends with moriah
Sent by rollingderp,Oct 3, 2017

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