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  1. So is Minie severely depressed
  2. The Real Deshon
  3. Is this picture of me beautiful or no?
  4. I hate having to scratch my dick
  5. Bored
  6. Bray Bray 💕
  7. My sister is really pretty as fuck
  8. You really logged onto make a blog about me?
  9. Wait who is this??
  10. Light bright and lookin right
  11. Is that really vasquis in his blog picture?
  12. My sister Idah is constantly bullied on tengaged
  13. Emmett4 just sent me my money back
  14. What’s your cashapp so I can send u some money
  15. I hate clubs, parties, and functions
  16. I hate when I’m texting a nigga
  17. I met with Alan at Pier 39 in San Francisco
  18. I want a boyfriend
  19. are parents lettin they kids be trannies at such..
  20. TBT To Rose Mulet -Hopelessly
  21. I Just Made A Rap!
  22. I think I want to be in a relationship
  23. Is it a coincidence that all of tengaged are gay
  24. I love you
  25. Keep Saying Idah’s Boyfriend look like her dad
  26. My sister Idah really got a man
  27. I have to go take my car to the shop
  28. All These Bitches Wanted Weed Legalized
  29. OMG My baby Emmett ❤️
  30. Bye Guys!
  31. Am I a top, bottom or vers?
  33. Who missed me from Tengaged?
  34. I let this dude suck my dick (PICS)
  35. The Truth..
  36. Is this how you guys feel when I make blogs about..
  37. I Fuck Him Then I Get His Money
  38. Emmett4 🙎🏿‍♂️❤️
  39. No title

Bray Bray 💕

Mar 8, 2018 by KingTrav
Brayden_ ❤️

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