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I feel so, like, hopeless

Apr 8, 2021 by KingB24
sometimes. I desperately wish I could live on my own in solitude but it’s financially impossible for me to do because of cost of living here. And I feel like I’m going to be trapped working in a grocery store for the rest of my life which will never pay me enough to be fully independent. I won’t have a significant other to live with either. Soooo I guess I’m fucked LMAOOO

anyway how is everyone’s else day LOL


how come you wont have one?
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Apr 8, 2021
Existential crisis things ✨
Sent by Eoin,Apr 8, 2021
Why do you feel trapped by a grocery store? Spread those wings!
Sent by tonyalbright,Apr 8, 2021
Always up from here ❤️
Sent by hwest14,Apr 8, 2021
LOL dw hun

MOST people have these kinds of worries but you just gotta do what you can to get yourself where you wanna be next.

i believe in u.
Sent by lemonface,Apr 8, 2021
heyitsmaggee im not going to find one LOL i accepted that a long time ago
eoin tea every day problems for me
tonyalbright ive been working in grocery for over 6 years with no signs of escaping
hwest14 i wish
lemonface ty queen
Sent by KingB24,Apr 8, 2021
Hugs so much, ily chase I’m always available to talk ❤️
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Apr 8, 2021

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