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  1. SOS plz someone help me
  2. Mo money
  3. PYN - Bae or nay?
  4. WTF
  5. Ugh
  6. It’s been a while
  7. Who wants to study anatomy with me???
  8. What team are u on
  9. I found my purpose on TG
  10. I've killed
  11. How much do you spend
  12. Omg my neighbour's
  13. Serious question
  14. Update
  15. Help
  16. Anyone who works hard for what they want
  17. Where did all the str8 boiz of TG go?
  18. He is the hero Tengaged needs,
  19. Why is
  20. Oh no
  21. Awks
  22. It’s almost 7PM EST
  23. Don't you just hate
  24. Wanted to increase the straightness
  25. My mom said I'm too nice
  26. Wow
  27. Some mornings
  28. Thank you for the hair <3
  29. Have you ever injected
  30. It's kind of sad
  31. Help
  32. Sometimes
  33. Hey
  35. I've been missing
  36. Hello
  37. I just slept for 12 hours
  38. I’m feeling
  39. Why do so many people on this site
  40. Don’t PYN for an opinion

Ah I'm gonna break my blogging rules for u

Nov 9, 2019 by Kindred7
Yonaka! Thank you so much for the gift! I love it honestly I've always thought those smiles were really pretty and even though I never told you that AND told you you didn't have to gift me, you did :( I'm just lucky to have a friend like you: you're kind to people without seeking anything in return + are giving + fun + try to be as positive as possible even when things are rough for you. And you have impeccable taste in music. Thank you again :) Ilysm <3333333333333333333

(the rule is not to blog while I have an active blog on the Blogs page already)

OH and thank you Megan for delivery - I appreciate it a lot!


Sent by woeisme,Nov 9, 2019
its okay babe you're amazing Kindred7
Sent by Yonaka,Nov 9, 2019

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