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7thOct 13, 2019 by Kindred7
and I'll tell you something about your heart / brain / eyes / muscles or SOME OTHER BODY PART- you can pick the category

hogiebuns - buns (aka your glutes, specifically your glute max) is the largest muscle in your body!

LovelyKiss - Broken Heart Syndrome (aka Takotsubo cardiomyopathy) occurs when your heart muscle gets weakened / stunned, usually following severe stress (physical or emotional) :( plz be ok <3 lemme know if u want more deets

#bamold1999 gonna update urs later since ur demanding

malachite05 - OK here's a long-ish one, but I tried to cater it to you so hopefully you like it? So in Parkinson disease, your brain has this area called the substantia nigra which produces dopamine ok? so this area starts degenerating, and results in a series of progressive symptoms (you can remember them with the mnemonic TRAP - tremor (resting tremor), rigidity, akinesia, postural instability)). ANYWAY so like you treat it with dopamine analogs, BUT the point is the guy who described it, James Parkinson, was a surgeon as well as a geologist / paleontologist (among other things) and has contributed to those sciences as well!

lexeyjane - i chose....... skin for you because from your pics it looks like you have nice skin! It is the largest organ and sheds tens of thousands of cells every minute :) AND uhh there's this chica who calls herself the Tragic Doll (i'm sure you can find her on instagram) who has this condition called scleroderma which hardens her skin (it has other effects on other organ systems too) anyway so she has like fragile skin and idk it gets called doll skin because of it being stiffened and stuff.

yachj - human and chimp DNA are >98% similar! You almost became a chimp but avoided that fate so you could be on TG!

peace123 - LIVER it is! I love it - in addition to everything it does in terms of metabolism and stuff, it has regenerative properties so like if you have surgery removing segments of it, and have as little as 25% of your liver remaining it can regenerate quite a bit! Take care of dis beautiful organ <3

jonster - the pineal gland ("third eye") synthesizes melatonin and helps regulate your day/night rhythms by transducing (converting) nervous system signals into hormonal ones!

MarieEve - your arm span is usually vvvvvvvvvvv. close to your height (unless you're a T-rex) so how long is your arm span? Also if your shoulder were to get dislocated it'll usually be anteriorly! Unless you were electrocuted / had a seizure in which case it'll be posteriorly :)


me any part
Sent by hogiebuns,Oct 13, 2019
me my heart it hurt
Sent by LovelyKiss,Oct 13, 2019
every category
Sent by bamold1999,Oct 13, 2019
Sent by malachite05,Oct 13, 2019
any part
Sent by lexeyjane,Oct 13, 2019
Sent by yachj,Oct 13, 2019
me choose ur favorite part
Sent by peace123,Oct 13, 2019
Sent by Jonster,Oct 13, 2019
ugh me
Sent by MarieEve,Oct 13, 2019
me and any part
Sent by koolcoop,Oct 13, 2019
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Oct 13, 2019
I love it!
Sent by malachite05,Oct 13, 2019
All right I’ll say it because everyone else is scared to.. Tell me something about my penis!
Sent by Scononduders,Oct 13, 2019
Me pls xo
Sent by Amnesia_,Oct 13, 2019
bnglby- surprise me
Sent by BengalBoy,Oct 13, 2019
you choose
Sent by ParvatiS,Oct 14, 2019
Oh yes me pls do you want you want with my body
Sent by mikec51,Oct 14, 2019
Sent by Lemjam6,Oct 14, 2019
me sis :**
Sent by systrix,Oct 14, 2019
Hi :)
Sent by turkeylover,Oct 14, 2019
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