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Inactive swerve Apr 1, 2014
Fitting for this to happen on April Fools' Day, but in playing Fasting today I managed to make a mid-game move into an alliance of three (after flipping from my original group, which my gut told me I couldn't trust -- rightfully so, as it turned out) and then pare it down to just us and the inactives, and this was in a game with more actives than most in which I've played. We eliminate the remaining actives, but then one of our three went inactive so we voted him out.

It got to the final 5 and, what do you know, one of the inactives came back. He had POV so he made it to final 4, then the final POV went to the other inactive. No problem, right? Unfortunately at that moment my partner went to get some tea (!) and the vote split 2/1/1 with my partner and I paired against one another. Even though he had two votes and I had one, the recently returned inactive didn't vote and the CPU gave me the heave-ho.

I had started working on writing tributes at that point since there was no logical reason to expect that insane turn of events, so I suppose that's a lesson learned that you're never in the Final 3 until the game says so. Ugh.
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So far, so good Mar 22, 2014
I've played three fast games so far and enjoyed them. I had the misfortune of being voted out first in an inactive-heavy game with one group able to pick off the few others in there, then in my next game I managed to make my first Final 3.

I'm in the midst of a slow game, which is interesting though different. Clearly there is a learning curve to it, some of which would have been helped had I read the directions from the start, but I'm nonetheless still in it at this point.

One thing I'm trying to figure out is how frequently apples/keys appear. I saw a key show up early in the game and clicked on it almost instantly but got a +0. Apparently that's a sign that the page has to be refreshed, and by the time I read that on a site with some tips about this game, the key was long gone.

Overall though, the slow game is fun (albeit in a different way) and probably more realistic toward the Survivor/BB style gameplay.
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The power of the internet Mar 19, 2014
I found this site today by pure chance doing an unrelated Google search. But I'm surprised it took this long for me to discover it.

For years I've hoped that there would be a Big Brother or Survivor type of game that would come out, thinking officially licensed and all that. But the people behind this site did what CBS and company didn't -- found a niche and created a fun game.

In my first game today there was legit drama, scheming, bitter losers, sides swapped, and ultimately I ended up blindsided. But it was still great fun.

In short, I was impressed and I will likely be back here playing more again soon.
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