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  1. Merged tribe name is
  2. cbs live stream pls
  3. New blog picture
  4. OMG The last episode of australian survivor
  5. I need link of bb20 episodes
  6. Speculated list of contacted players for S38
  7. So what team are u?
  8. Damn I cant believe what am saying but
  9. Wow
  10. Is there a way to watch 1st ep
  11. Rat Don and sheep Laurel
  12. Well next year
  13. Fuck the editors
  14. Laurel is sheep
  15. Semi final 1 predictions
  16. link of Survivor NZ Thailand?
  17. The only saving grace for Ghost Island for me is
  18. Will Survivor Pre merge be a good season?
  19. I hate the recap on the beginning
  20. Natalie BOLTON <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  21. Chelsea calling the shoot!
  22. What's had production thinking?
  23. Survivor all winners season is on hold
  24. I am so excited to see Des on Ghost Island
  25. Wow
  26. The first 8 minutes of SurvivorMaryland All-Stars!
  27. Comment who u think will win again
  28. Comment who u think will win?
  29. Number of winners who were in merge minority ?
  30. Survivor 35 INTRO
  31. Survivor 35 intro?
  32. Who is running Globaltv twitter account ?
  33. + for Paul to end up as runner up again
  34. Just discovered Survivor South Africa
  35. Today is 39 day of Survivor 36 Ghost Island
  36. Survivor 36 aka Ghost Island revealed
  37. Can 1 houseguest be multiple times cursed?
  38. Christmas need 6-8 weeks
  39. IF BB20 is all stars
  40. It's my b-day

Survivor all winners season is on hold

Feb 3, 2018 by Kikorus
Congrats Parv and John ,another #Survivor baby is on the way <3


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