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Sometimes I just cant

16thJan 17, 2024 by Kiki4ever
I went to Walmart to get tomatoes and lettuce for tacos tonight and some other shit. Came home with other shit and some other shit but forgot lettuce and tomatoes. Gonna have to take my ass back to Walmart. Grrrrrrrrr


i also cannot go grocery shopping on an empty stomach or i will walk out with the entire store 馃槄
Sent by MelloJello,Jan 17, 2024
Oh I do that often
Sent by Kiki4ever,Jan 17, 2024
Hi fake
Sent by abrogated,Jan 17, 2024
Do you write lists?
Sent by Scooby69,Jan 17, 2024
Why do you swear so much
Sent by SugarLove,Jan 17, 2024
Taco twins tonight. But I usually just do meat/cilantro/onions/avocado/hot sauce. I need to go get cilantro and avocado.
Sent by zachbbs,Jan 17, 2024
scooby69 sometimes but them I forget to look at my damn lists.

sugarlove I will fucking swear all damn day as it's my 2nd language. Sorry not sorry if my way of speaking bothers your inner soul! Go do some damn soul searching to find bigger shit in this world to be bothered about as there is plenty!!
Sent by Kiki4ever,Jan 17, 2024
Same kiki same馃槀
Sent by Scooby69,Jan 17, 2024

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