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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Fuck you

8thDec 5, 2023 by Kiki4ever

by me to Amixoxi 16 min ago
+0 pointsfrom Amixoxi 16 min ago
lets f2

from Amixoxi 58 min ago
i hope we can keep each other safe
Proceeds to nom her f2 and evict her!!! Thats not how u play

Day6 HOH Amixoxi has nominated Kiki4ever and DripTeejay
Day6 POV DripTeejay has saved DripTeejay from the block
Day6 HOH Amixoxi has selected final nominees Wade03 and Kiki4ever
Day6 Participants evicted Kiki4ever

That's not what u do to a f2 ever so I hope u see how fake this bitch is


hi pls can u delete this thats my friend ur talking about and this is rude
Sent by Fendimania,Dec 5, 2023
Idfk ur friend is a piece of shit for asking for a f2 then doing that
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 5, 2023
she mightve changed her mind or had to put herself first im sure theres a good reasoning
Sent by Fendimania,Dec 5, 2023
Fuck off fendi u do not ask someone for a f2 and nom them and evict tjem
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 5, 2023
Hes disgusting
Sent by Morant,Dec 5, 2023
Sorry 馃槥
Sent by Amixoxi,Dec 5, 2023
kiki4ever you have right for everything you Said most fake bitch around here deffinatly
Sent by Harehere,Dec 5, 2023

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