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  1. Who is taking the crown tonight?
  2. Gays... I need y'all to look @
  3. Tell me :30-:34 seconds in isnt
  4. Wait wtf???
  5. It's my 21st todayyyy
  6. Why the fuck does nobody have
  7. Snatch Game
  8. Fuck. I am SO. BORED.
  9. What games are bangin' on steam rn
  10. My professor wants a 4 pg paper
  11. Tf? Jesse from BBCan6 followed me
  12. Okay weird celeb crush but like...
  13. Deadass pyn for
  14. BB...
  15. I bought a body lotion from Lush
  16. *makes Cardi B noises*
  17. which one of y'all is this
  18. Tested out the nail design
  19. I can't believe
  20. Aquaria sounds like
  21. Does anybody have a fuckin' link
  22. She said do you love me,
  23. Y'all really out here sleeping on
  24. Raise ur hand if you
  25. Okay honestly I need Mother Nature
  26. Can we just talk abt my
  27. Rank Kings
  28. Ranking numbers 1 through 5.
  29. Okay what the fuck
  30. This Chun-Li music video
  31. Did y'all watch Untucked?
  32. I'm on edge from being hacked lmfao
  33. Any links to tonight's RPDR ep?
  34. Do I treat myself?
  35. This screenshot of Jemmye
  36. I am flabberghasted.
  37. Anybody play Slay the Spire?
  38. 13 Reasons Why
  39. I've said it before & I'll say it again.
  40. Saw the opportunity

Does anybody wanna come through

Jan 3, 2018 by Kidcool404
w a link to The Challenge Vendettas premiere ep?


darewall tv
Sent by EliotWhi,Jan 3, 2018

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