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  1. I'm fucking crying
  2. My TA had the audacity to make us say
  3. Honestly could you imagine getting fucked by
  4. This post makes me wish I hadn't
  5. Gays I need ur help
  6. Jan of 2018 is 4 the Gayz, confirmed:
  7. LGBT means:
  8. Honestly in Cutthroat I fucking hated Laurel
  9. Remember that time CT picked up Bananas
  10. This is just fuckin' rude omg
  11. Does anybody wanna come through
  12. Wait did y'all see this beef with Evil Dick
  13. Good.
  14. I wonder what it must feel like in stars rn
  15. Ugh. I need new
  16. What season of Drag Race is this from?
  17. Going to college in Philly is wild bc like
  18. Have you ever just been so tired that you felt..
  19. istg women who complain about
  20. Okay so group game question:
  21. I want to kms omfg
  22. Omg wait while we're talking abt horror movies
  24. Can we just talk about how I fucked up
  25. My fav thing about Cardi B
  26. Does anybody else just kinda add
  27. Y'aint
  28. ready mingle to single and
  29. I'm high key fucked up
  30. My allergies went away
  31. Survivor: Friends vs. Fans (Blood vs. Water) Brant
  32. Okay so Survivor question
  33. Me watching math
  34. Survivor: Friends vs. Fans (Blood vs. Water) Brant
  35. Vote for Orange and I'll rate avi's from
  36. Me 24/7 Questioning Why I'm Tired
  37. Dragula Season 2 ep 1 is up!
  38. Trend Zanaka for my opinion on you
  39. Hi.
  40. If I did a fun lil blog game would anybody play?

Does anybody wanna come through

Jan 3, 2018 by Kidcool404
w a link to The Challenge Vendettas premiere ep?


darewall tv
Sent by EliotWhi,Jan 3, 2018

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