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A Change to Survivor Hosting

2ndAug 27, 2013 by KidA
imageAfter 9 seasons of hosting my own series, it's time for a change. I aim to differentiate myself from other hosts on Tengaged, and invent a new style of hosting for Survivor group games. A few days ago, I was struck with the idea, and I quickly decided to take a leap of faith and pursue it. Here's how it will work.

I will restart my series, acting as a "Second Generation". Casting for this generation will be extremely detailed and thorough - full names will be required, along with some other basic personal information. I will interview each applicant, and get to know them personally. In the end, I will privately select my cast and ship them off to a secret group, where the competition will begin.

The season will take place as usual, however, NO details about the season will be revealed to the Tengaged public, and the cast/season details will be kept strictly secret. Once Final Tribal Council is over, production begins.

The cast will be revealed, and each castaway will be introduced individually via a blog. I will create episodes for each season, using both my own writing and confessionals provided by the cast, to give a realistic "survivor episode" feel. These episodes will air daily in the Viewer's Lounge, and finally, a Reunion will be held, where the winner is revealed.

I urge anyone to apply - especially those who may not have been interested in group games before. This could potentially be the start of something great, and you won't want to miss out!



Sent by _Aria,Aug 27, 2013
Sent by minidude13,Aug 27, 2013
Can I play
Sent by Ghoul,Aug 27, 2013
Meow I'm a cat

Also do me and Sean count as "All-Stars"
Sent by Bryce333,Aug 27, 2013
this sounds cool
Sent by Steel,Aug 27, 2013
Ghoul Bryce333

Technically, no. You guys can apply if you want to!
Sent by KidA,Aug 27, 2013
I want to apply
Sent by MicklePickle20,Aug 27, 2013
Sounds fun. I want to apply!
Sent by snelly,Aug 27, 2013
Yay this is so fun! I want to apply

Please remind me Kid A!
Sent by Playboyy,Aug 27, 2013
KidA I am interested though i am only whitelevel so please mail me first!
Sent by PinkJustice,Aug 27, 2013
Sent by Missalice3,Aug 27, 2013
Omg this is so orgasmic.
Sent by Chastain,Aug 27, 2013
Sent by Tabatha,Aug 28, 2013
Booooo Sean and Bryce found a way to beat the system lol
Sent by Cole91,Aug 28, 2013
Someone tried this before I think but I can't remember the name of the host =X

Still original though =P
Sent by XJamzX,Aug 28, 2013
Sent by curls3993,Aug 28, 2013
Sent by Guillomouve,Aug 28, 2013
Hope if I get in that this game won't be full of sheeps like I was with last time I played *Looks towards Joshie, Jacob, Avery and Renny*
Sent by IceIceBaby,Aug 28, 2013
i like this idea :D
Sent by tdan13,Aug 28, 2013
yes < 3
Sent by jharrin7887,Aug 28, 2013
Sent by Cmack311,Aug 28, 2013
I would play but my mail is alas still broken... It sounds really awesome though if  you want any help let me know bud L:
Sent by manalord,Aug 28, 2013
I love this!
Sent by BigBruv,Aug 28, 2013
hit me up at any time :D
Sent by CutieAmy,Aug 28, 2013
Sent by survivorrox,Aug 28, 2013
Sent by LittleDee,Aug 28, 2013
Kudos for thinking outside the box
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 28, 2013
Credit to gametime ?
Sent by Robinhood99,Aug 28, 2013
Hey, I remember I brought this exact same idea to Gaiaphage once, and we talked about doing it together but I never got to push it into fruition. So best of luck with this! :)
Sent by Keitho44,Aug 28, 2013
Sent by LongedShorted,Aug 28, 2013
robinhood99 I had some people telling me that someone else tried this before, but I wasn't on tengaged at the time. Maybe it was him? :s
Sent by KidA,Aug 29, 2013
This idea sounds sooo fun and realistic!!
Sent by Duffybutt11,Aug 29, 2013
Love itt!
Sent by oXAlyssaXo,Sep 23, 2013
That's sick
Sent by pens87,Oct 6, 2013

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