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I applied for a new job today

Jan 5, 2019 by Keyston
Wish me luck - I need some $ after dropping funds for the meet & greet with Gaga in June.



imagine paying for a meet and greet lol she's like a prostitute but without the sex
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Jan 5, 2019
simplyobsessed It's a bucket list thing. She's my favorite artist and has been for nearly a decade.
Sent by Keyston,Jan 5, 2019

have you heard about your new job yet?
Sent by AlbertHodges,Jan 6, 2019
AlbertHodges no I just applied for the promotion on Friday. Buuuut, the manager asked me to apply, so I think the odds are in my favor, though it's not a for sure thing.
Sent by Keyston,Jan 6, 2019

ok, buddy. pulling for you.
Sent by AlbertHodges,Jan 6, 2019

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