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I personally support

May 15, 2015 by Keyston
the death penalty. I think in murder cases, you get what you give. If you take the life of someone else, you don't need to exist. You could easily do it again. #byefelicia

It's really just a matter of I don't want them sitting in prison. They really cannot be rehabilitated and released what is the point? I don't agree with basically providing them with free housing and meals. Other than taking away their freedom, where is the punishment? I'd understand if they forced them into hard labor so they could actually provide some sort of benefit to society. Otherwise, #byefelicia.

Edit: However, unlike some people, i respect everyone's opinion and I don't think it's stupid to disagree and want to abolish the death penalty.


Sent by BbDamian,May 15, 2015
Agreed with this! I only support it if the person is 100% guilty of killing someone else. Clearly if their isn't 100% proof or if the guy didn't admit to being guilty then he shouldn't be killed in the off chance he might be innocent.

Their was an article I read online a while back where a homeless person purposely got himself in trouble with the law to go to jail because it was free food and a free place to stay, not saying jail is easy or fun at all but from the guys point of view it was easier being in jail then it was to live on the streets with nothing
Sent by ShadowBaller000,May 15, 2015

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