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♥Someone's gender identity♥

1stMay 20, 2017 by Kentuckyy
Should not be a topic of gossip, just saying. aquamarine

Edit : This isn't for stars support, Johnny blogged last night asking why I haven't told people I'm trans and talking about it on skype calls.


drag him
Sent by Danger,May 20, 2017
hes garbage
Sent by zachbbs,May 20, 2017
drag him
Sent by obscurity,May 20, 2017
i was jk btw lool aquamarine
Sent by Danger,May 20, 2017
Happy Birthday Daddy
Sent by saraj10,May 20, 2017
Sent by Brandonator,May 20, 2017
Sent by Lemjam6,May 20, 2017
o wow
Sent by Trust,May 20, 2017
Sent by Kaylabby,May 20, 2017
tea Teddybear
Sent by Aquamarine,May 20, 2017
Lol didnt u attack someone for looking trans
Sent by sosyomomma,May 20, 2017
Ty! Trans people are normal and just ARE the gender they identify as
Sent by rosemulet,May 20, 2017
Aquamarine is run by Jeff Varner
Sent by MJFJUNE,May 21, 2017
He's disgusting
Sent by LittleBrother123,May 21, 2017

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