Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Since everyone is STILL talking about this

1stJan 17, 2020 by Kelly2722
I might as well put my opinion out there, too.

I think that all of y’all should just shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business. If James didn’t have a problem with Red flirting with him then it shouldn’t be a big deal, especially due to the fact that Red isn’t even that much older than James, and James is on the verge of being a grown ass adult.

And literally what the fuck is up with Tengaged obsessing over Red when there are other proven ACTUAL pedophiles on this site? Y’all are hung up on a 20 year old having feelings for a 17 year old, like what??

Move the fuck on, like damn.


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You snapped
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I’m not here to argue the morality of this situation but really lmao J2999 hasn’t said anything negative about RFF and to my knowledge nothing illegal happened. I wouldn’t ever personally do what RFF has done but...this is a non-situation for the time being.
Sent by Aquamarine,Jan 18, 2020
Also this kind of shit diminishes people who are actual victims of grooming/pedophilia online.
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