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PYN for an honest opinion 😶

6thSep 4, 2019 by Kelly2722
Got over an hour til my next class so why not :S

Thumper91 - You’re just a very likable person. I haven’t heard of any Tengager that dislikes you, as they shouldn’t. You’re very kind and easy to become friends with.

koolcoop - Haven’t talked to you in a couple of years. You were cool back then so I’m sure you’re cool now.

BengalBoy - You seem controversial, so I guess you’re doing something right. Haven’t really talked to you, like at all.

lexeyjane - Taylor Swift loving icon. You’re the sweetest.

zachbbs - King. You were very loyal in stars and just a cool person to talk to.

Arris - I like your new haircut.

peace123 - You’re cool, very down to earth, gives zero fucks about others judgements which is iconic. Haven’t really talked to in a while tho.

XxLoveWakizaxX - I think you’re the most natural female looking male that I’ve ever seen, but girl you work it. Iconic blogger, I think you’re the first person I told my actual name to some years ago. You’re cool.

shellbelle - I’ve seen your username on some blogs but I don’t think we’ve ever talked, and if we did, it wasn’t enough for me to remember.

noobsmoke13 - I don’t know you.

ShaneDawson12345 - I think you’re very cool, but honey chill with the 18+ blogs, you’re like 15.

rory17 - Another very loyal stars ally. You’re very funny to talk to, and I wish we talked more after the game ended. You’re awesome.


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yas kelly queen of getting 2 lines in in 1 hr
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destroy me papi
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