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“You’re Next” Blog Series:🔪Episode 3🔪

Aug 30, 2019 by Kelly2722
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***New Years Day~2:09am***

*Meredith is lying on the couch, distraught after finding her mother and youngest child brutally murdered. Liv, Beck, and Samuel are by her side, trying to comfort her*

Samuel- “I know this is super hard for you, okay. I know how you feel but...”

Meredith- “Don’t you for a second say you know how I feel. You don’t know shit about how I am feeling right now.” *crying intensifies*

Samuel- “I know, I know but..”

Meredith- “I lost my husband; I lost my mother; I lost m.. my Julian... Cody hasn’t even shown up which means I probably lost him too...” *crying*

Liv- “...Mom you have me... You have your other children. We need you to be strong right now so we can be strong.”

Meredith- “Olivia, how the hell do you expect me to be strong right now?! I lost everything! They were your family too! Your father! Your grandmother! Your brothers! How dare you sit there and tell me that I need to be strong when you should be feeling just as broken as I am!?!”

Liv- “You really think I’m not feeling at my lowest point right now?! I just seen grandmom decapitated and my little brother’s skin charred to a crisp! I watched Dad get shot in the neck and bleed out! Like I nearly got raped tonight and you think I’m not distraught by all of this?! My loved ones are dying one by one because of these sick motherfuckers attacking us. Excuse me for not moping around waiting to be killed off next. Mom, I love you, and I am probably the only person here who feels as broken inside as  you do, but if we want to make it out of this hell alive, then we need to pull our shit together and fight back. That goes for all of you!”

*Everyone slowly nods in agreement as Meredith slowly stops hyperventilating, wipes away tears, and rises*

Meredith- “..You’re right...”

*Meredith walks over to a locked cupboard, unlocks it, and pulls out a shotgun*

*Meredith cocks the shotgun*

Meredith- “...Lets end this.”


***New Years Day~2:17am***

*Mac is in the dining room with Kate and Jenna*

Mac- “Now listen to me... by the way things are looking, we’re probably going to be fighting back really hard, and it’s not going to be pretty. I don’t want either of you to be around during any of it, so you’re going to go lock yourselves in a windowless room, and do not... DO NOT come out unless I say it is okay. Understood?”

Jenna- “Yes..”

*Kate shakes her head in disagreement*

Kate- “You don’t really expect me to leave you here to die, do you?”

Mac- “Kate, everything is going to be okay..”

Kate- “No. Everything is certainly not going to be okay. And do you really think it’s the best idea for me and Jenna to be by ourselves right now? For Christ’s sake, the last time people went off on their own, Liv was about to be JC Hammered.”

Mac- “His name is JP..”

Kate- “WHATEVER that’s not the fucking point! We are not going off on our own. Absolutely not.”

Mac- “For the last several years that I’ve been looking after you two, have u ever once put you two in danger?”

Jenna- “Well... I mean you are the one who brought us to this party...”

Mac- “We were invited to a New Years Eve family celebration. How was I supposed to know this was going to happen??”

Kate- “Mac, I really don’t think this is the smart thing to do.”

Mac- “Kate, Jenna, I promise you both, I would never tell you do anything that would put you in harms way. Just trust me on this. This is only to protect you guys.”

*There is a slight pause*

Kate- “..Okay. Me and Jenna will go lock ourselves in a closet in an upstairs bedroom.”

Jenna- “Yeah, preferably nowhere close to Reba and JC.”

Mac- “Renna and JP.”

Jenna- “Whatever.”

*Mac, Kate, and Jenna all hug*

Kate- “..Be safe.”

Mac- “...Always.”

*Kate takes Jenna’s hand and they go off to find a bedroom closet to lock themselves in*

***New Years Day~2:31am***

*Jem is talking with Evelina, Jesse, and Morgan in the bathroom, while gathering some bandages and healing supplies if needed*

Jem- “We shouldn’t have fucking come here. Who’s decision was it to come to this shit? I don’t even fucking care about Liv so why we even came is beyond me.”

Evelina- “Say it louder for the people in the motherfucking back. Liv is such a plank. She’s dry as fuck, has no charisma, and really nobody with any brain power would miss her if she were to get an axe to her head tonight.”

Jesse- “Eve, can you fucking chill?”

Evelina- “I’m just being honest.”

Morgan- “I mean, Liv is a bitch. We’ve been known that. She comes in and out of people’s lives like no other, and probably wouldn’t take a bullet for any of us.”

Jem- “We’ll see about that. The way she was talking to her mother not too long ago.. wouldn’t surprise me any if Meredith sent a bullet her way tonight.”

Jesse- “Can we please just get the stuff and head back downstairs? I’m ready for this night to be over.”

Morgan- “I for one am not fighting anybody. I will keep my ass up here in this bathroom while all y’all get yourselves killed down there. Tell me how it goes.”

Evelina- “Pussy.”

Morgan- “Bitch bye.”

Jem- “Morgan, if you’d like to stay up here by yourself with serial killers roaming around, then be my guest.”

Morgan- “Yeah that sounds like the plan. Now, please exit the bathroom so I can lock myself in it for the remainder of the night.”

*Jem, Evelina, and Jesse all take the supplies and go out into the hallway*

Jesse- “Morgan, please just think about thi...”

Morgan- “Toodles!”

*Morgan slams the door shut and locks it.*

Evelina- “What if I have to pee?”

Jem- “If you have to pee, there’s several other bathrooms in this house. The only thing you’ll find in that one is a piece of shit.”

*Jem, Evelina, and Jesse all head downstairs, while Morgan stays in the bathroom by herself*

Morgan- “Fucking losers. They’re all idiots if they think they’re gonna win a fight with people that have what seems to be more weapons than the SWAT team.”

*From out of nowhere, Wolf Mask suddenly appears from behind the shower curtain. He swings open the curtain while Morgan lets out a quick squeal before Wolf Mask slits her throat with a small knife.*


*Jem, Evelina, and Jesse have just joined Nicolette, Castor, Meredith, Liv, Beck, Mac, Kendall, Samuel, Jennifer, and Lily in the Living Room*

Castor- “Did you hear something?”

Nicolette- “That sounded like it came from  upstairs..”

Jem- “Morgan’s dumbass locked herself in the bathroom. She probably saw a mouse or a bug or something.”

Meredith- “Excuse me, but we do not have mice or bugs in this household.”

Evelina- “Bitch please, you live in the middle of the fucking woods.”

Meredith- “I will fucking shoot you right now. I am not in the mood for your mouth, little girl. I’ve had it up to the max with this day so shut the fuck up, sit down, and stop running your mouth.”

Evelina- “Psssshhhh. Yes, sir.” *sits down*

Nicolette- “I’m gonna go check to see what that was.”

Jem- “I literally just told you it’s probably just Morgan being over-dramatic.”

Nicolette- “With everything that has happened tonight, you think that is a fair, valid statement? Dumb bitch.
Castor, let’s go.”

Castor- “Why do I have to come..?”

Nicolette- “Because I fucking said so, now move your ass and let’s go.”

Castor- “FINE.”

*Castor and Nicolette go upstairs to try and find the cause of the squeal that they heard*

Nicolette- “I’m really fucking sick of her mouth.”

Castor- “I’m so over all of this. I just want to go home.”

*As Nicolette and Castor walk down the hallway, they see a puddle of blood coming from the bathroom*

Castor- “Oh fuck...”

Nicolette- “Oh my God.. Morgan..?”

*Nicolette and Castor move closer until the get to the bathroom. They push open the door to see Morgan’s dead body, throat slit, laying in a pool of blood. On the bathroom mirror, written in blog, states “you’re next”*

*Nicolette and Castor scream as they race downstairs*

Liv- “What is it??!”

Castor- *Hyperventilating* “Mah...Muh.. Mor...”

Nicolette- “Morgan is dead!”

Kendall, Samuel, and Mac- “Oh my God..”

Jennifer- “Well shit.”

Jesse- “Fuck, dude.”

Evelina- “It’s her own fault.”


Evelina- “First of all, who do you think you’re getting loud with?”

Castor- “YOU, BITCH.”

Jem- “I mean, Morgan did choose to stay up there by herself. We encouraged her to come down with us and she decided to hide upstairs by herself.”

Evelina- “Like a pussy.”


Nicolette- “Castor, they are selfish people that have zero regards for any others. They are self-centered trash.”

Evelina- “Thank you.”

*Lily stands*

Lily- “I’m over this shit. I’m leaving.”

Liv- “Lily, What?! You can’t leave, why would you do that?!”

Lily- “Because I’m not going to fucking wait around this house waiting to be gutted. It’s just a matter of time until we all die, one by one. I’m not going to wait here for it.”

Liv- “Lily, please don’t go. We’re going to fight! If we all stick together then we have a chance of getting out of this alive!”

Lily- “Liv, you’re always so optimistic. That’s one of the greatest things about you. You have been the best friend I could have ever asked for, and growing up with you by my side has meant everything and more to me.”

Liv- “Lily, you are my best friend. Please just stay here with us and wait a little longer, I know that we can do this if we play it smart.”

Lily- “I’m sorry.. but I just can’t do this anymore. Liv, I love you in more ways than you could know. I know I’ll see you again someday.”

Liv- “I love you too, Lily.”

*Liv and Lily hug and cry*

Lily- “Okay, I’ve gotta get out of here. I’m just gonna go out through the front door, run as fast as I can to find help, and hopefully see you guys soon.”

*Liv stands back with the others*

Lily- “Bye guys..”

*Lily swings open the front door and as soon as she starts to run out, Lamb Mask comes from the side of the door and swings an axe right through Lily’s neck, decapitating her*

*Everyone screams as Lily’s headless body falls to the ground*

Liv- “Lily!!!”

*Lamb Mask raises his axe and makes his way inside, ready to chop more heads off*

*Suddenly, Meredith raises and cocks her shotgun*

Meredith- “Not today, bitch.”

*Meredith shoots Lamb Mask in the midsection, and his blood splatters everywhere, as he falls back, dead.*

*Tears and shocked faces fill the Living Room*

Samuel- “Is it over..?”

Beck- “Not a chance. There’s still someone wearing a Wolf Mask out there. And that’s all we know of.”

Kendall- “This is going to be a long night..”

Meredith- “..I’m prepared.”

*Issy and Brandon come racing downstairs. Issy is fixing her blouse while Brandon is buttoning is pants*

Issy- “We heard gunshots. Is everything okay??”

*Issy squeals at the sight of Lily and the Wolf Mask’s dead bodies at the front door*

Brandon- “Yo... what the fuck did we miss??”

**In an Upstairs Bedroom**

*Renna finally wakes up after being knocked out by Liv, earlier*

Renna- “...Fucccckkkkk”

*Renna gets up and tried to get out of the room, but it is jammed from the outside*

Renna- “Motherfuckers..”

*Renna turns around and sees that the window has been broken into from the outside*

Renna- “The fuck..? JP where are you?!”

*Renna pushes open the door to the attached bathroom and sees JP’s body in the bathtub filled with his blood, as his wrists have been slit*

Renna- “Oh my God... oh my GOD...”

*Renna backs up but is stopped by a man in a Tiger Mask*

Renna- “What are you doing here?? JP fucking killed himself apparently. Fucking dumbass. Aren’t you supposed to be in the garage?? Have the plans changed since I was knocked out??”

*Tiger Mask just stares at Renna in silence*

Renna- “Will you fucking answer me? Are we really doing the silent treatment now?”

*Tiger Mask quickly grabs Renna’s head and snaps her neck, killing her instantly. He drags her dead body to the broken window, throws her to the outside, and watches her dead body lay there on the ground, from the window*


Cody Mackson #TwoStep_IsBack (Crossbow shot into eye)
Jenny Vinson #RightToCensor (Throat slit with machete)
Kelsey Mercado #rawr121 (Cut in half with chainsaw)
David Summers #Kelly2722 (Shot in neck with arrow)
Tony Roberts #rawr121 (Slit open with machete)
Preston Summers #SharonMaItems (Slit open with machete)
Gloria Summers #Kelly2722 (Decapitated, Head found in freezer)
Julian Grantham #ShaneDawson12345 (Slit open, charred in oven)
Morgan O’Conner #Ethan000 (Throat slit)
Lily Collins #tkoj555 (Head decapitated)
Lamb Mask #Kelly2722 (Shot in stomach)
Jackson Price (JP) #Jasoi (Slit wrists)
Renna Ling #PoohSnap (Neck snapped, thrown out window)

Hey guys, hope y’all enjoyed this episode. I will try to have episode 4 come out soon! This season is heading in what I believe to be a great direction with a lot of mystery, drama, and of course a lot of bloodshed.

Who do you guys think will survive?
Who do y’all think will get killed off next?
Is there anybody that seems suspicious or is this attack completely random?
Let me know what you guys think! Until next time, xo.



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